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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Rushy \Rush"y\, a.

  1. Abounding with rushes.

  2. Made of rushes.

    My rushy couch and frugal fare.


a. 1 (context of a marsh etc English) abounding in rushes 2 having the characteristics of a rush; rushlike

  1. adj. abounding in rushes; "a rushy marsh"

  2. [also: rushiest, rushier]

Usage examples of "rushy".

On the long artificial lake, with innumerable rushy nooks and water-lilies and coverture of leaves floating flat and bright in the sun, the halftame wild duck and shy water-hens had remote little worlds, and flew and splashed when all Becket was abed, quite as if the human spirit, with its monkey-tricks and its little divine flame, had not yet been born.

With one last effort of will, Nevyn went in, hearing a little rushy hiss, a dropping sensation in his stomach, and at last he was standing beside Rhegor on the floor.

You may know one or two little things, my dear boy, but among them motoring is not, otherwise when you were putting that mad advertisement into your pink rag, you would have stopped to reflect that a twelve-horse power car is not expected to carry five grown persons up airy mountains and down rushy glens.

By Sawdde, Senny, Dovey, Dee, Edw, Eden, Aled, all, Taff and Towy broad and free, Llyfnant with its waterfall, Claerwen, Cleddau, Dulais, Daw, Ely, Gwili, Ogwr, Nedd, Small is our River Dewi, Lord, A baby on a rushy bed.

Rushy Pool with a few kingcups still left, and his meadows, and his sleek violet-eyed cattle.

At an early hour one day, he encamped in a narrow valley on the banks of a beautifully clear but rushy pool.

Everything was starting to make sense, in the heady, rushy way that came with heat exhaustion.