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Rusha (disambiguation)

Rusha may refer to;

  • RuSHA, The Rasse- und Siedlungshauptamt-SS, a Nazi organization
  • RuSHA Trial, the eighth of the twelve war crimes trials the US authorities held in Germany following the Second World War, the above organization being part of the trials
  • Lea Rusha, one of several people convicted for his part in the 2007 Securitas depot robbery
  • A Hebrew derogatory word which literally means a deliberate sinner, commonly used to describe a cruel person

The Rasse- und Siedlungshauptamt der SS (), (RuSHA), was the organization responsible for "safeguarding the racial 'purity' of the SS" within Nazi Germany.

One of its duties was to oversee the marriages of SS personnel in accordance with the racial policy of Nazi Germany. After Himmler introduced on December 31, 1931 the "marriage order", the RuSHA would only issue a permit to marry once detailed background investigations into the racial fitness of both prospective parents had been completed and proved both of them to be of Aryan descent back to 1800.