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running noose

n. a loop formed in a cord or rope by means of a slipknot; it binds tighter as the cord or rope is pulled [syn: noose, slip noose]

Usage examples of "running noose".

On one end was a running noose which would do everything but talk when Ilna used it.

She said something about that - something about her fine brother - in - law having made a miscalculation, and if the rope hadn't been too thick to make a quickly running noose she'd have been a dead woman already.

Somewhat discouraged already, he uncoiled the thin horsehair rope he had worn about his waist, thrust the hatchet into his waistband, tied a running noose in one end of die rope as Auk had suggested, and hurled it up at those towering points.

Now with only the doubtful light of the moon to display her work to an enemy, she supposed the running noose in the silken cord was the better weapon.

This he tightened and tested with his foot, pulling hard at it till he was satisfied and then making a running noose of it, which he held in his hand.

Instantly the old man slipped the running noose over one of the lad's wrists, took a couple of half hitches about his other wrist, and knotted the cord.

They found a short cord to tie his wrists before him, palms together, and a long rope to attach him, by a running noose around his neck, to the pack-saddle of the hindmost pony.