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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Rundlet \Rund"let\, n. [Dim. of OF. rondele a little tun, fr. rond round. See Round, and cf. Roundlet, Runlet.] A small barrel of no certain dimensions. It may contain from 3 to 20 gallons, but it usually holds about 141/2 gallons.


Etymology 1 n. A small stream or brook. Etymology 2

n. (context archaic English) A wine measure, equivalent to 18 gallons.

Usage examples of "runlet".

Every little runlet and dribble is harvested and conveyed by subterranean channels to the main ditch.

He poured a little runlet of half laughter over her head, of the sound assumed by genial compassion.

He had come to know each runlet that crossed the way, each clearing, each denser growth of trees.

Heading in a straight line, with no trail problems to untangle, they made the journey in less than two days, and by the bank of the runlet they found Dick Walker lying on his back with his arms thrown out crosswise, smiling up to the heavens with placid, open eyes, and with a purple hole in the center of his forehead.

Around they went again in a larger circle, then followed with weaving in and out, and finally dropped straight into the stream, stumbling over the boulders, passed up a branching runlet hardly large enough for them to walk in, and came out again at the head of the runlet upon some great, flat slabs of granite where no visible print of their trail could be left, and where the thin and wandering current of snow waters would probably wipe out most of the scent for a considerable distance.

And though it seems to me that the recollection is like that clear runlet, yet I have set myself to search back into my memory.

And so I set off, carefully skirting the farm on my right, and reached the runlet without seeing anybody.

I wonder whether your little runlet of wedding peace is better than the raging torrent of my love!

This he piled back in its niche after he had rinsed it at the runlet of water.

The Indian encampment lay in a hollow, the small wattled huts gathered on both sides of a runlet that oozed from the slope and slipped between a line of stepping stones.

Every Cavalier was welcome to a share of their runlet of sack or claret--but they did not invite the Scottish soldiers.

He had plenty of ale and cider, with which the Cavaliers were perfectly content, but only a single runlet of canary.

As if in answer to his thinking, he saw a deep groove cut by a runlet of snow water coming off the mountain.

Spring, With runlets cold to draw and drink, And a great meadow blossoming, Long-grassed, and poplars in a ring, To rest me by the brink.

By dusk they had arrived at a river-bank, beneath which the water lay in pools, joined by trickles and little runlets, which babbled over sun-bleached pebbles.