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n. (plural of rung English)

Usage examples of "rungs".

What with the weight of a heavy circuit-testing bridge megger hanging down my back and the fact that the rungs were so wet and slippery that I had to grip them with considerable force to keep myself from falling off the ladder, the strain on forearm and shoulder muscles was severe.

He grabbed it before dropping down through the trap, practically sliding down the rungs and slats with a single hand for balance.

Breschius had some trouble with the ladder because he only had the one hand, but he used his elbow to hook the rungs and hold himself while he shifted his remaining hand and moved up his feet.

At first, rock scraped against her back, but after six rungs the space opened up and after another seven she set foot on stone.

One by one the others descended the ladder, rungs creaking beneath their weight, feet scuffing on stone when they reached the bottom.

The rungs held her weight easily, but she wasn't sure if the ladder would slip as she climbed with no one to hold it in place.

She crossed quickly to the ladder and with some difficulty held the lamp in one hand while she steadied herself with the other, taking the rungs one at a time.

She scrambled up the final rungs, shoved the lamp safely onto the floor before her, flung herself over the lip of the hole, and dragged the ladder up behind her.

After a while he braced his knees against the rungs, wiggled his ax up into his fighting hand, and released the clasp.

Miss de Rungs said, with rigid, clipped firmness, "has undergone Paraworld Blue.

And therefore would, as Miss de Rungs had said, would then be coming true.

If I don’t get somewhere in another thousand rungs, I’m going to have to rethink my escape plan.

I found it at once, a set of steel rungs built into one of the twelve-foot high steel bulkheads by my side.

There were twelve of those ladders, each with fifteen rungs, not one break or resting place between top and bottom.

I left Cibatti to screw down the hatch in the floor of the pillar and climbed alone up the hundred and eighty iron rungs to the compartment at the top.