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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Runch \Runch\, n. (Bot.) The wild radish.
--Dr. Prior.


n. The wild radish.


n. Eurasian weed having yellow or mauve or white flowers and podlike fruits [syn: jointed charlock, wild radish, wild rape, Raphanus raphanistrum]

Usage examples of "runch".

And he terr her she is right about the Space Guard and she wirr have until runch to tawrk to you about it.

Then she thought of cloth of gold for the runching, but I said, for Southend society, that it would not be quite right, and suggested perhaps green with a gold thread.

Watching the changing sky in high delight from the vantage of the tower's solar, Roiga and Scail and Runch shouted in succession for the best wine, the richest mead, the finest delicacies that the stores could offer, by way of pre-celebrating their anticipated triumph.