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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
dance a waltz/rumba/tango etc
▪ I had a bath and felt the baby doing a rumba.
▪ Then a rumba - seductive, swaying, sinuous rhythm.
▪ You were so good at it I thought I was hearing a rumba.
Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1919, from Cuban Spanish rumba, originally "spree, carousal," derived from Spanish rumbo "spree, party," earlier "ostentation, pomp, leadership," perhaps originally "the course of a ship," from rombo "rhombus," in reference to the compass, which is marked with a rhombus. The verb is recorded from 1932. Related: Rumbaed; rumbaing.


n. a slow-paced Cuban partner dance in 4:4 time vb. To dance the rumb

  1. n. syncopated music in duple time for dancing the rumba [syn: rhumba]

  2. a rhythmic syncopated Cuban folk dance in duple time

  3. a ballroom dance based on the Cuban folk dance


Rumba is a terminal emulation solution with UI ( User Interface) modernization properties. Rumba and Rumba+ allows users to connect to so-called 'legacy systems' (typically a mainframe) via desktop, web and mobile. Rumba provides IT end users with a modern UI, allowing them to bypass 'green screen' applications.

Launched in 1989, Rumba (previously RUMBA) was one of the first Windows based terminal emulators available.

Originally developed by Wall Data, Inc, Rumba was acquired by NetManage and then by Micro Focus.

Rumba (disambiguation)

Rumba may refer to:

Rumba (1935 film)

Rumba is a 1935 musical drama film starring George Raft as a Cuban dancer and Carole Lombard as a Manhattan socialite. The movie was directed by Marion Gering and is considered an unsuccessful follow-up to Raft and Lombard's smash hit Bolero the previous year.

Rumba (2008 film)

Rumba is a 2008 comedy film starring Dominique Abel and Fiona Gordon as a married couple who love Latin dancing, and Bruno Romy as a depressed man trying to commit suicide. It was an entry in the International Critics' Week during the 2008 Cannes Film Festival.

Rumba (Anahí song)

"Rumba" is a song recorded by Mexican singer and actress Anahí for her sixth studio album Inesperado (2016). It features vocals by Wisin.

Usage examples of "rumba".

It was the skull of either a mastodon or a dinothere, a rope-nosed beast that had ventured up the slopes of Mount Tharaka in search of shoots and leaves, only to die before being able to rumba back down to bush country.

His mother had dreaded fantasmas, the evil ghosts of the dead, and he shuddered to a sudden sense that the tower was una rumba embrujada, a haunted tomb.

Brogan Wilmington can recover his balance, the beautiful picks up what is left of her lobster Newburg, plate and all, and clops Brogan on the pimple with it and knocks him plumb out onto the dance floor where many parties, male and female, are doing the rumba with great zest.

In the meantime, the parties out on the dance floor find they cannot rumba with any convenience unless Brogan Wilmington is removed from their space, so a couple of waiters pick Brogan up and carry him away and Ambrose notices that the beautiful who slugs Brogan with the lobster Newburg now seems to be crying.

In fact, he can see that she rumbas and sambas and congas much better than any married beautiful should, because between a rumba and a samba she informs him that her name is Mrs.

The drinks have names like Rodeo Rumba and Crazy Heehaw, and we felt just a little effete ordering our bottle of good white wine.

So they get out on the floor and rumba quite a while and after that they samba some and then they conga and Ambrose can see that the beautiful has a very liberal education, indeed, along these lines.

Vicente Rossi, el tamaño mitológico de Abraham Lincoln, los quinientos mil muertos de la Guerra de Secesión, los tres mil trescientos millones gastados en pensiones militares, la estatua del imaginario Falucho, la admisión del verbo linchar en la décimotercera edición del Diccionario de la Academia, el impetuoso film Aleluya, la fornida carga a la bayoneta llevada por Soler al frente de sus Pardos y Morenos en el Cerrito, la gracia de la señorita de Tal, el moreno que asesinó Martín Fierro, la deplorable rumba El Manisero, el napoleonismo arrestado y encalabozado de Toussaint Louverture, la cruz y la serpiente en Haití, la sangre de las cabras degolladas por el machete del papaloi, la habanera madre del tango, el candombe.

My mother could do the waltz, the tango, the rumba, the Charleston, the Lindy hop, the jitterbug, the Watusi, and the twist.

He'd accepted the risks when he'd set this in motion, but that didn't stop every monarch and swallowtail butterfly in the northern hemisphere from doing a rumba under his ribs.