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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Ruggy \Rug"gy\, a. Rugged; rough. [Obs.] ``With ruggy, ashy hairs.''


a. (context obsolete English) rugged; rough

Usage examples of "ruggy".

At seventeen, she had been the mistress of Ruggy Toliver, who had invented the concept of retroactive foreclosure and made himself fabulously rich in the process.

Before he finally died in harness, Ruggy had introduced Victoria to the fact that a substantial section of the power elite had a devilish need to physically ease their most deep-seated guilts.

If anything, he was richer than even Ruggy, but he was also eaten up by cancer.

Judy and Pip could not hear, and was given a ruggy horse that had carried Mrs.

With sluttery beard, and ruggy ashy hairs: With neglected beard, and rough hair strewn with ashes.

At his ruggy carser, his poll -- a killing, ginger-hackled skull-thatcher -- kept on the nose for her jomer.