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Rugg may refer to:

  • Rugg, California
  • Rugg (surname)

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Rugg (surname)

Rugg is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Gordon Rugg, Scottish academic
  • Harold Rugg, educational reformer
  • Paul Rugg, American screen writer
  • Peter Rugg, fictional character
  • Sylvanus T. Rugg, American Union Army officer
  • William Rugg, English theologian and bishop

Usage examples of "rugg".

Doctor of Metaphysics, Leonard Rugg, known for his generosity with the punchbowl and his stimulating debates on everything from women to the meaning of the stars.

Leonard Rugg of Metaphysics, not nearly as old as he pretended to be, his skin pink, his forehead high, his thinning reddish hair standing out from his scalp like new-shorn fleece.

He saw Tom Elton, Cassius, and Rugg, as promised, and below them a clutch of brightly-clad nobles.

The first thing that met his eye was Doctor Leonard Rugg sitting with his back to the room, staring morosely into a bowl of snapdragon gone cold.

Instead, he neglected even his most intimate friends to such an extent that Cassius was ready to wash his hands of him, and even Rugg and Elton were annoyed.

Elton and Cassius--and Rugg, above all--were undoubtedly offended at his recent behavior, and Basil hardly knew how to appease them.

Cassius supported him on the basis of mathematics, Rugg on the basis of friendship.

And tonight had made it clear that there was no point in telling Elton or Cassius or even Rugg about his discovery.

He wanted to tell them exactly what he intended to do that afternoon, but Rugg had warned him against gossips.

Farraday was empty when St Cloud and his guard arrived, save for Doctor Leonard Rugg, his ample form wrapped in fur under his gown, looking as bright and eager as First Day morning.

Doctor Rugg, if I hesitate to embroil any of my colleagues in this nonsense without warning or permission.

When they reached the street, St Cloud wanted to wait for Rugg, but the students, more shaken than they would admit, hustled him directly to the Four-Cornered Hat.

Doctor Rugg had said to go, so in they went, and found an empty table, and sat down and called for ale for themselves and brandy for Doctor St Cloud and Doctor Rugg.

Revivalists were not for him, especially one like Reverend Rugg whom he had heard last night speak of this boy, this golden lad, as sent to him like a pure spirit, a rewardthis golden lad.

Alvin Rugg was then given such mental punishment as might have made a less vulnerable sinner threaten suit against the city.