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Ruge is a surname, and may refer to:

  • Arnold Ruge (1802-1889), German philosopher
  • Arthur Claude Ruge (1905-2000), American engineer and inventor
  • Billy Ruge, American actor
  • Carl Arnold Ruge (1846-1926), German pathologist
  • Friedrich Ruge (1894-1985), German naval officer
  • Georg Ruge (1852-1919), German anatomist
  • George H. Ruge, American radio personality
  • Gerd Ruge (soldier) (1913–1997), highly decorated German soldier
  • Gerd Ruge (born 1928), German journalist
  • Gesine Ruge, German canoer
  • Nina Ruge (born 1956), German journalist
  • Otto Ruge (1882-1961), Norwegian general

Usage examples of "ruge".

Narvik was abandoned, the Allied troops were hastily re-embarked, and General Dietl, who had held out in a wild mountainous tract near the Swedish border, reoccupied the port on June 8 and four days later accepted the surrender of the persevering and gallant Colonel Ruge and his bewildered, resentful Norwegian troops, who felt they had been left in the lurch by the British.