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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Ruga \Ru"ga\, n.; pl. Rug[ae]. [L.] (Nat. Hist.) A wrinkle; a fold; as, the rug[ae] of the stomach.


n. (context anatomy biology English) a crease or wrinkle

  1. n. (anatomy) a fold or wrinkle or crease; "rugae of the stomach"

  2. [also: rugae (pl)]


Ruga may refer to:

  • an anatomical fold
  • Rugila
  • Ruga, Nepal
  • Rugae

Usage examples of "ruga".

It had also let Ruga slip into the new high-technology fields at the time when the electronic explosion was starting.

The speed with which some discoveries had gone from concept to embodiment was probably due to the ability of forewarned Ruga subsidiaries to tool up for production and prepare patents before their competitors.

The Ruga Corporation still functioned on a basis of mutual trust, and all accepted Jubal Trull as the family head and company President, though the later generations did not really understand why.

One of his first acts had been to set up Ruga Lodge on the flanks of Blue Mountain, evacuating the deep shelters below it, the complex in which I was now trapped.

I was looking out from the center block of the Lodge, watching Ruga employees enjoying their subsidized vacations.

Arab slavers, the hoarse shouts of the ruga ruga, and the terrified screams of the people again filled her mind.

Kill Caesar Club: Gaius Trebonius, Decimus Brutus, Staius Murcus, Tillius Cimber, Minucius Basilus, Decimus Turullius, Quintus Ligarius, Antistius Labeo, the brothers Servilius Casca, the brothers Caecilius, Popillius Liguriensis, Petronius, Pontius Aquila, Rubrius Ruga, Otacilius Naso, Caesennius Lento, Cassius Parmensis, Spurius Maelius, and Servius Sulpicius Galba.

The growls of agreement that erupted from every throat had Rubrius Ruga shrinking into a dark corner.

He moved his bits of furniture against the wall, picked up the ruga sadly worn import from Persiaand flipped it over.

Why, then, is the main recipient Ruga Fondamenta glass company in Venice?

All he had to go on was a link between the Ruga Fondamenta glass company and the Millennium Church, and the fact that he knew that the company was to be found on the Island of Murano, the very centre of the glass-blowing industry.

Joss took out the map on which Barney had marked their navigational route through the treacherous mud flats, hugging the side of the island until the secluded tie-off point, and then the swim through the murky waters of the canal to the back of the Ruga Fondamente foundry.

The bill of lading he had taken from one of the boxes at the Ruga Fondementa was still in his pocket.

Close to the neck of the bladder is a triangular space, on which the mucous membrane is smoother, and devoid of folds, or rugae, and which is far more sensitive and vascular than other portions of the mucous membrane lining this organ.

Le chiazze livide sotto gli occhi grigi che Hilary apparentemente trovava tanto affascinanti si erano accen­tuate negli ultimi tempi, ed era anche comparsa qualche ruga nello stesso punto.