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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Ruffin \Ruf"fin\, a. [See Ruffian.] Disordered. [Obs.]

His ruffin rainment all was stained with blood.


a. (context obsolete English) disordered


Ruffin may refer to:

Usage examples of "ruffin".

According to Baggy, Sam Ruffin had been the first black student to enroll in the white schools in Clanton.

Roger Norland, Wardell Payne, Mark Pendergrast, Larry Pizer, Bernice Reagan, Ellen Reeves, Joe Reidy Roy Rozensweig, Harry Ruben-stein, Faith Davis Ruffins, John Salter, John Anthony Scott, Saul Schniderman, Barry Schwartz, Louis Segal, Ruth Selig, Betty Sharpe, Brian Sherman, David Shiman, Beatrice Siegel, Barabara Clark Smith, Luther Spoehr, Jerold Starr, Mark Stoler, Bill Sturtevant, Lonn Taylor, Linda Tucker, Harriet Tyson, Ivan von Sertima, Herman Viola, Virgil J.

One of 'em goes out & cums in ded, havin bin shot while out by a Border Ruffin.

Ruffin became the last juror chosen--the first black to serve on a trial jury in Ford County.