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Usage examples of "ruer".

In the outlying realms, including Thesra where Ruer Stross grew up, a few raggedy shadowreaders still scratched out a meager living by reading omens and foretelling the future for common folk whose lives had yet to be enriched by the new ways of science.

The Nuarans had played Mephistopheles and found Sovereign Protector Ruer Stross to be a more than willing Faust.

Let honors be for the living-and certainly Ruer Stross deserves to be honored on a grand scale.

The applause went on and on as spotlights and laser beams danced across the long dais where Ruer Stross waved clenched fists over his head and savored the adulation.

Nothing could soothe Ruer Stross like the sweet aroma of sawdust tickling his nose.

I will do anything, even trade with the Nuarans, to rid Thiopa of Ruer Stross.

Billy stared at her a moment, one co ruer of his mouth curving up in a smile.

One co ruer of his mouth quirked upward and a huge dimple dented his cheek.

He stepped on the gas and propelled the Bronco around a co ruer just as Kate saw the guard struggling to his feet.

As owner of the Runt, as the boys had dubbed Prince vo Plume, Eliste ruer ired special attention.

He was waiting for her at the co ruer, frantically stretching his neck to see above the crowd.

When I realized we were separated, I headed for the co ruer, like you said.

Mattie waved the steam away from her face, then wiped a tear from the co ruer of her eye.

And, of course, there were those wrinkles at the co ruers of her eyes.

Janey agreed mildly, the co ruers of her mouth curving in spite of everything.