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Ruen (, pronounced ; ) is a village in southeastern Bulgaria, part of Burgas Province. It is the administrative centre of Ruen municipality, which lies in the northern part of Burgas Province.

Ruen (DJ)

Ruen is an American DJ and producer based in Miami, Florida, United States. Born in Newport Beach, California, Ruen spent his childhood playing guitar and bass before turning to DJing Ruen moved to Miami pursuing a career as a DJ in 2003. Ruen can be seen playing weekly with the world's top artists such as Alesso, Dirty South (DJ), Diplo, Flo Rida and A-Trak. Ruen was featured in Miami Magazine as the city's top DJ and listed as one of Refinery29’s 5 hottest DJs.

Ruen holds weekly residencies at LIV Nightclub and headlines the Favela Beach Party at the W Hotel's Wall Lounge. His holds multiple out-of-state residencies in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and Boston. His worldwide bookings have taken him regularly to Dubai, London, Brazil, Zurich and more.

Ruen has been featured in articles in Elle Magazine, Miami Magazine, The Miami New Times, fashion and lifestyle blog Refinery29 and trendy nightlife site UP2Night.

Ruen (mountain)

The Ruen ( Bulgarian and Macedonian: Руен) is the highest peak of the Osogovo range, standing at 2,251 m. The peak is situated on the border between Bulgaria ( Kyustendil Province) and the Republic of Macedonia ( Makedonska Kamenica Municipality). Ruen is included in the 100 Tourist Sites of Bulgaria under № 27. The main starting points for climbing are Osogovo hut, Three Beeches hotel and the village of Gyueshevo.

Usage examples of "ruen".

An acolyte, young, totally dedicated, rose as Ruen looked into the chamber.

The apartment had been checked before he had entered with Ruen and, each time he called the man he risked a blast from the weapon hired to protect him.

From the wreckage he, Ruen, would fashion a new council, guiding it with his advice, steering it the way it must go.

And Ruen had made certain that the guard had been summoned and sent ahead.

HAD BEEN a prediction of a high order of probability, and Ruen was not surprised when the acolyte announced Dek Brekla.

Did Ruen want Dumarest to act the assassin as that bitch Mada Grist had done?

Technarch fell, already dead, Ruen lifted his hand toward the physician.

He felt the thin wrist beneath his fingers, the sudden explosion of strength as Ruen fought back.

He struck again at the base of the neck, a third time, then stepped back as Ruen slumped to the floor to lie in a pool of scarlet fabric.

So Cleon was dead, caught by the Cyclan, interrogated, disposed of and his borrowed clothing sent to Ruen as evidence that the man they wanted had to be on Technos.

Sic igitur magni quoque circum moenia mundi expugnata dabunt labem putresque ruina.

También vimos cómo los sobrevivientes de los reinos pictos y los atlantes construían su imperio de la Edad de Piedra y luego cayeron en la ruina, enzarzados en sangrientas batallas.

Churches were empty and mass meagerly attended, wrote Nicolas de Clamanges in his great tract De Ruina et Reparatione Ecclesiae (The Ruin and Reform of the Church).