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adj. having any of numerous bright or strong colors reminiscent of the color of blood or cherries or tomatoes or rubies [syn: red, reddish, ruddy, blood-red, carmine, cerise, cherry, cherry-red, crimson, ruby, scarlet]

Usage examples of "ruby-red".

But now, she glowed, and her hair picked up auburn highlights from the ruby-red silks.

Instead of undulating and mutating, the landscape was now blossoming with misshapen trees, thick hedges, and ruby-red flowers.

It was an honor to be here and he had prepared for weeks, rehearsing with Channing, tailoring his viewgraphs, making up four-color computer graphics to show sinuous flows and ruby-red plasma currents.

The carnival rides thrash the air around us, diamond-white, emerald-green, ruby-red lights, turquoise and sapphire-blue lights, the yellow of citrons, the orange of honey amber.

I realized what it had meant when I painted pictures, not the ruby-red bleeding and vibrant pictures of Venice, but old pictures in the antique Byzantine style, which had once flowed so artlessly and perfectly from my brush.

During a meal of venison in a Hungarian pepper sauce, complimented by a rich, ruby-red wine, Eberle enthused about his city, the most beautiful city in Europe.

She puts her crude, ruby-red lips up by his ear and mumbles something that Hiro can't hear.

Ingrid, with her platinum hair and ruby-red nail polish, was only continuing the family tradition, if on a smaller scale.

She reversed her grip on her dagger, plung-tog it point first into one after another of the daemon's ruby-red eyes.

He would miss the majesty of thee ruby-red Belozersky Palace, the gilt interiors of the Alexander Nevsky Chapel, where he sometimes went to pray, the towering golden onion domes of Catherine the Great's palace, and the peaceful gardens and cascading fountains of Peter the Great's palace, Petrodvorets.

All of them, however, were stitched together by a complex web work of rigid, brilliant lines of light - some ruby-red, some sapphire, some topaz - which were even more difficult to understand, because, although they could be plainly seen to be brighter than the drifting noctilucent clouds, they did not seem to contribute anything to the more general illumination.

How he would put out her ruby-red eyes to kill their fascination, singe her eyebrows, her long lashes, and the hair of her head to make her a hag, then fuck her every opening into great holes fit only for shads in the rut.

Below the mirror, on a shelf, stood a line of bottles with luminescent yellow lotions and ruby-red toilet waters.

A votive candle in a ruby-red glass fluttered fitfully in the half-inch of wax that remained.

Also on the table were three small ruby-red glasses containing votive candles—.