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The Collaborative International Dictionary

RUA may refer to:

  • Royal Ulster Academy, an Irish artist organization
  • Robot Unicorn Attack, an online game first published in 2010
  • Royal University of Agriculture, Cambodia, a public university in Phnom Penh
  • ^RUA, Russell 3000 Index ticker symbol
  • NETL-RUA, the United States Department of Energy’s National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL) Regional University Alliance (RUA), a partnership to solving energy problems
Rua (Moimenta da Beira)

Rua is a Portuguese parish, located in the municipality of Moimenta da Beira. The population in 2011 was 601, in an area of 9.67 km². Until the late 19th century, the town was the most important in the municipality.

Rua (Moana and the Moahunters album)

Rua is the second album by New Zealand hip-hop group, Moana and the Moahunters.

Released in 1998, the title comes from the Māori word for "two".

Rua (Clann Zú album)

Rua is the first full-length album by Irish- Australian band Clann Zú. The album contains themes of resistance and desperation. The songs are sung mainly in English, though there is some use of Irish. The production gives the songs a heavily layered sound, with prominent use of violin tracks and Declan de Barra's emotive voice.

There is a video for the track "Five Thousand More" on the CD.

Rua (band)

Rua was a band based in Christchurch, New Zealand for more than 20 years. Their musical style was Celtic fusion, with a range of traditional and original compositions in their repertoire.

Rua performed their farewell concerts at Lyttelton in December 2001

Usage examples of "rua".

They loitered at various points along Rua Tiradentes, dressed like the locals, drinking tea in the shade, avoiding the sun, eating ice cream, talking to the children, watching his house.

It--she: the Rua had two flat dugs to either side of her deep breastbone--swooped past Ilna to drop into the volcano’s sheer-walled interior.

If these Rua of yours come too close, they'll find they're sprouting goosefeathers!

The woven willow-splits would stop missiles like the ones the Rua were dropping and cushion the impacts besides, but she didn't see how the men on the narrow deck expected to fight with all this defensive truck in the way.

As the Rua flared to land like giant pigeons, the Sea Guard on a nearby boat drew his bow.

You've not sailed these waters since the demon Rua came up from the Underworld to loot ships and slaughter sailors.

The fishermen couldn't rake belemites from the shoals during darkness, and nothing about Terness--neither the Commander and his men, nor the Rua who now ruled the region's skies--encouraged simple folk to be out at night.

The clawed fingers of a pair of Rua, fine-boned but strong as steel, closed on her upper arms, pulling her toward them into the topaz mirror.

The Rua looked toward the sea also, turning their heads without moving their torsos.

The Rua had cut an opening between their world and another, not so much by art as with the same dogged skill that a beetle uses to bore through wood.

But if they were going to retreat to where they entered, then they might as well have stayed with the Rua or better still in their own world.

The day was still, and Rua was surprised to hear a crashing sound among the thickets, and then the fall of a considerable tree.

But neither would explain, and it was not till afterwards, when he met with Rua, that he learned the occasion of their terrors.

As Rua grew up he was called at last to go a-fishing with this fortunate parent.

Then Rua understood why his father prospered, why his fishes rotted early in the day, and why some were always carried to the cemetery and laid upon the graves.