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''Ru, ru, or RU may refer to:

Ru (kana)

, in hiragana, or in katakana, is one of the Japanese kana, each of which represent one mora. The hiragana is written in one stroke; the katakana in two. Both represent the sound . The Ainu language uses a small katakana ㇽ to represent a final r sound after an u sound (ウㇽ ur).





Normal r-
(ら行 ra-gyō)



るう, るぅ

ルウ, ルゥ

Ru (cuneiform)

The cuneiformru sign is found in both the 14th century BC Amarna letters and the Epic of Gilgamesh. As ru it is used for syllabic ru, and alphabetic 'r', or 'u'. In the I-XII Tablets of the Epic of Gilgamesh, it has specific uses showing alternate renderings besides ru; as sign no. 068, ru, 250 times, šub, 6, šup, 3, and as sumerogramŠUB, 1 time. In the Amarna letters, the sign is mostly used for ru, r, and u in the spelling of various words. Notably, for "bird", Akkadian language "iṣṣūru", in Amarna letter EA 28, ( Tushratta to Pharaoh), titled "Messengers Detained and a Protest"; the messengers are referenced as "uncaged" birds, and "aren't they free to come and go as birds do?".

The scribal rendering of the ru sign is dramatically different in some of the Amarna letters. In Amarna letter EA 15, Assur-uballit I of Assyria to Pharaoh, and Amarna letter 28, (using bird, "iṣṣūru") it appears as the standard, electronic rendition.

The alternate rendition of the sign as shown in Amarna letter EA 364 is also found twice in the mid-length (to long) 69-line Amarna letter EA 362, Rib-Hadda to Pharaoh, used as "to send" (a letter/message), line 52, "aš-pu-ru", Akkadian "šapāru".

Another example letter of usage, is for one line, Line 27 on the obverse of Amarna letter EA 147, Biridiya to Pharaoh, titled "A Hymn to the Pharaoh", a letter in pristine condition (minus a missing corner of the clay tablet).

Of note, in the Akkadian language, using vowels a, e, i, and u, there is no "o", (or y as vowel). Any vowels used in a sign, can be interchangeably substituted for a different vowel. Also u (cuneiform) has special uses, and is only rarely used for the 'vowel u'. The ú (cuneiform)-(first prime) is the typical alphabetic 'u'.

Ru (novel)

Ru is a novel by Canadian novelist Kim Thúy, first published in French in 2009 by Montreal publisher Libre Expression. It was translated into English in 2012 by Sheila Fischman and published by Vintage Canada.

Ru (surname)

Ru is the Mandarin pinyin romanization of the Chinese surname written in Chinese character. It is romanized Ju in Wade–Giles, and Yu in Cantonese. Ru is listed 331st in the Song dynasty classic text Hundred Family Surnames. It is not among the 300 most common surnames in China.

Usage examples of "ru".

En hij bedacht, hoe hij zijn kamer dan opnieuw zou inrichten, ruim en eenvoudig, zoodat men er zich in bewegen kon, zonder nu een beeld om te gooien of dan over een Oostersche draperie te struikelen.

Waldsteiniana, Centaurea montana, Centranthus ruber, Coreopsis lanceolata, Cornus canadensis, Corydalis lutea, Dianthus deltoides, D.

Waldsteiniana, Centaurea montana, Centranthus ruber, Chrysanthemum, Cichorium Intybus, Clethra alnifolia, Coreopsis auriculata, C.

Centaurea montana, Centranthus ruber, Chrysanthemum, Cichorium Intybus, Clethra alnifolia, Colchicum autumnale, C.

Jaubert had discipline en intelligentie onder het vuil en de honger gezien en voor dat inzicht werd hij ruim betaald.

Emilio was de volgende morgen ruim op tijd aanwezig en vond een plaatsje achterin, vanwaar hij de ingang in het oog kon houden.

An acolyte, young, totally dedicated, rose as Ruen looked into the chamber.

The apartment had been checked before he had entered with Ruen and, each time he called the man he risked a blast from the weapon hired to protect him.

From the wreckage he, Ruen, would fashion a new council, guiding it with his advice, steering it the way it must go.

And Ruen had made certain that the guard had been summoned and sent ahead.

HAD BEEN a prediction of a high order of probability, and Ruen was not surprised when the acolyte announced Dek Brekla.

Did Ruen want Dumarest to act the assassin as that bitch Mada Grist had done?

Technarch fell, already dead, Ruen lifted his hand toward the physician.

He felt the thin wrist beneath his fingers, the sudden explosion of strength as Ruen fought back.

He struck again at the base of the neck, a third time, then stepped back as Ruen slumped to the floor to lie in a pool of scarlet fabric.