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RTX may refer to:

RTX (event)

RTX is an annual gaming and Internet convention created by Rooster Teeth Productions held in Austin, Texas, and run by Gus Sorola and Barbara Dunkelman.

Starting as a small community gathering of 400 people in 2011, RTX significantly expanded in its following years, housing an estimated 60,000 people by 2016. RTX has gained attention for its "celebration of that convergence of gaming and Internet culture." In 2016, Tech Crunch described it as " SXSW meets Comic Con." The event includes panels on gaming and internet topics, exhibitor booths from independent and major game developers, as well as meet and greets with game developers, Rooster Teeth employees, and internet personalities. RTX is also notable for being one of the first places consumers may play major video game releases such as Halo 4 and most recently, Rainbow Six: Siege.

RTX (operating system)

RTX is a line of real-time operating system (RTOS) extensions by the firm IntervalZero. They are a software extension or abstraction layer that converts Microsoft Windows operating system into a RTOS. It was the first Windows real-time solution on the market.