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RTC may refer to:

RTC (Cape Verde)

The Radiotelevisão Caboverdiana is Cape Verde's first radio and television station broadcasting local programs from Cape Verde, Portugal and Brazil as well as the rest of the world especially France. It is a publicly owned company and enterprise and is located in the Capeverdean capital city of Praia and has a few buildings, it also has offices in São Vicente (serving the northwestern part), Sal (serving the northeastern part), São Filipe on Fogo Island (serving the southwestern part) and Assomada in Santa Catarina (serving Northern Santiago and possibly Maio). The building size is very small, only like local affiliates in North America as well as Latin America, Australia and Europe.

The station also broadcasts news, sports, television shows and recently broadcasts football or soccer coverages from Portugal and also from Brazil as well as Latin America but rarely around the world. The radio channel is branded as RCV, originally broadcast during the later part of the day and the evening in its early years and then most of the day and the evening, now it is a 24-hour radio station. The TV channel is branded as TCV and it is also available in Portugal in the principal cable and IPTV platforms as a premium channel under the name TCV Internacional. As of the late 2000s, TCV broadcast from noon to midnight. The first and only youth radion station is known as RCV+, Radio Cabo Verde Jovem which broadcasts from 7 AM until 10 PM.

RTC (record label)

RTC is a New Zealand record label which licensed recordings from overseas Independent labels in the United States and in the United Kingdom.