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RSL may refer to:

In arts and entertainment:

  • Royal Society of Literature, the senior literary organisation in Britain

In military:

  • Reserve static line, in skydiving
  • Returned and Services League of Australia, current name (since 1990) of a defence forces veterans organisation
    • Returned Sailors and Soldiers Imperial League of Australia (1916-1940)
    • Returned Sailors' Soldiers' and Airmens Imperial League of Australia (1940-1965)
    • Returned Services League of Australia (1965-1990)

In music:

  • Random Spirit Lover, an album by Canadian indie rock band Sunset Rubdown

In sports:

  • Real Salt Lake, a US soccer club
  • Reserve static line, in skydiving
  • Rugby Super League (United States), a rugby union organization
  • Russian Super League, a now defunct hockey league in Russia
  • Super League, a rugby league competition in UK and France, a.k.a. "Rugby Super League"

In technology:

  • RAISE Specification Language, a formal approach to software development
  • Received Signal Level, telecommunications
  • RenderMan Shading Language, a language from the RenderMan Interface Specification used for writing shaders
  • Restricted Service Licence, British limited time low power radio or television broadcasting

In other uses:

  • Radcliffe Science Library, Oxford University
  • Recurring slope lineae, or Recurrent slope lineae, seasonal flows on warm slopes on Mars
  • Registered Social Landlord, a British independent public housing organisation
  • Revolutionary Socialist League (disambiguation), the name of several groups
  • Russian Sign Language, a sign language used by the deaf community in Russia
  • Russian State Library, the national library of Russia