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RPT can refer to:

  • Rally of the Togolese People (Rassemblement du Peuple Togolais), the ruling political party in Togo from 1969 to 2012
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Real Property Tax, a term for real estate property taxes
  • Recreational Park Trailer, a term for a park model trailer
  • Registered Physical Therapist
  • Registered Piano Technician
  • Regular Public Transport (aviation term)
  • Relocatable Power Tap, a formal term for a power strip
  • Republican Party of Texas
  • Respiratory Physical Therapist
  • Richmond-Petersburg Turnpike
  • Rocket Propulsion Test, performed at a Rocket engine test facility
  • .rpt, an extension of a (Report-) file in Crystal Reports
  • rpt, Rapting language ISO 639 code

Usage examples of "rpt".

Section 67c rpt 67c a State of Emergency is rpt is hereby declared throughout Cygnes System.

Section 67c rpt 67c, a State of Emergency has been declared throughout Cygnes System.

You are rpt are hereby required and directed to retain twenty-four rpt twenty-four latest model delGrange mechanical suits as emergency reserve, as outlined in preceding correspondence.

You are rpt are hereby warned that failure to do so will be cause for summary suspension from office pursuant to Section 67d.

I positively, flatly, definitely, and finally refuse rpt REFUSE to obey any order, directive, proclamation or ukase that requires me or any of my organization to hold two dozen of the latest model delGrange suits in a state of futile lassitude while Terra hungers for ore.

Section 68a rpt 68a, martial law is rpt is hereby established throughout Cygnes System.

Any ship attempting to escape is to be warned, and if it does not promptly submit, you are hereby directly ordered to destroy rpt destroy it.

You are hereby authorized and directed to fully acquaint yourself with the messages passed between your two previous superiors and myself regarding latest model delGrange mechanical suits en route from Purth, due 01-23-2212, and especially regarding retention of twenty-four rpt twenty-four of those suits as emergency reserve.

Development Communication Ship Flash disobeyed order to end transmission as per Schedule Three rpt Three.

They are not rpt not to be allowed to communicate with each other, or with outsiders.

You are hereby required and directed to immediately prepare for inspection one rpt one latest model delGrange mechanical suit.

Sections 67 rpt 67 and 68 rpt 68, and replace same with new sections placing Planetary Development Authority in charge of Space Force in order to quote eliminate confusion end-quote.

Swedru yesterday was not rpt not accident as reported in national media.