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Roztoky (; ) is a small town in the Czech Republic. It is located on the Vltava River, just north of Prague, the country's capital. 7,719 inhabitants was registered as of January, 1st 2010, but the true number of citizens is probably higher due to a massive development of the town in recent years and the fact that many of new inhabitants have not registered their permanent residence here yet. The town was first mentioned in historical documents in 1233 CE.

Roztoky (Rakovník District)

Roztoky (Rakovník District) is a village and municipality in Rakovník District in the Central Bohemian Region of the Czech Republic.

Roztoky (disambiguation)

Roztoky is the name of several municipalities.

In the Czech Republic:

  • Roztoky u Prahy, Central Bohemian Region
  • Roztoky (Rakovník District), Central Bohemian Region
  • Roztoky u Jilemnice, Liberec Region
  • Roztoky u Semil, Liberec Region

In Slovakia:

  • Roztoky, Svidník District, Prešov Region