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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Royally \Roy"al*ly\, adv. In a royal or kingly manner; like a king; as becomes a king.

His body shall be royally interred.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

late 14c., "regally;" 1836, "gloriously," from royal (adj.) + -ly (2).


adv. 1 In a royal manner; in a manner having to do with royalty. 2 (context colloquial English) excessively; thoroughly.


adv. in a royal manner; "they were royally treated" [syn: like kings, like royalty]

Usage examples of "royally".

About then he began to realize that he was different: he was royally born.

There was even an ancient duplicate of that yellow tattered scroll royally, reconfirming lands and title to John, the most distinguished of all the Caradocs, who had unfortunately neglected to be born in wedlock, by one of those humorous omissions to be found in the genealogies of most old families.

With quick intuition, she immediately recognized a background for many a tale of courts and kings hitherto unpictured to herself, and smiled with pleasure at the Princess who advanced, most royally clad in long shell pink, lace-clouded draperies, to meet them.

After the correct, royally casual wave, he replaced it on his head, followed by the nobility, who thus assumed their superiority over the unprivileged Third.

Lancelot leant against a tree and watched the riot with folded arms, mindful of his promise to Argemone, and envied Tregarva as he hurled his assailants right and left with immense strength, and led the van of battle royally.

But in fact, it was the Kennedys who had botched things up, and royally, by dithering with Ross Barnett for weeks and then suddenly activating an army-invasion plan late at night when it took extra time to get the men and their gear ready in the confusion and darkness.

On cherubs and on cherubins full royally he road: And on the wings of all the winds came flying all abroad.

Mairis, and that Laneff is actually in some Tecton Last Year House being treated royally, with lab facilities and the best transfers the House of Rior can provide.

So Punch hoisted his rucksack after them, and followed resignedly past four full compartments, and into the fifth, whither Peter beckoned them royally.

Her other two sisters, which were nothing so greatly exalted by the people, were royally married to two Kings : but the virgin Psyches, sitting alone at home.

That be so hardy for to fighte here Withoute judge or other officer, As though it were in listes royally.

And Amero was well content, dwelling superbly in rich-arrased halls, feasting and drinking royally, and hearing the praise of his lute-players and his chamberlains and lemans.

First gan he tell, how this that seem'd so faireAnd royally arayd, Duessa hight,That false Duessa, which had wrought great care,And mickle mischiefe vnto many a knight,By her beguyled, and confounded quight:But not for those she now in question came,Though also those mote question'd be aright,But for vyld treasons, and outrageous shame,Which she against the dred Mercilla oft did frame.

Sometimes, even more royally, it was Dei Gratia Dux: nobody but a King before had been said to hold power by the Grace of God.

Thus episcopally and royally blessed, Prior Robert led his party on the last stage of their journey, a little too easily convinced that his progress was being divinely smoothed, and would be so to its triumphant end.