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a. (obsolete form of royal English) n. (obsolete form of royal English)

Usage examples of "royall".

For which cause, and for the greater setting out of the excesse and abounding excellency, beyond all the rest of her royall magnificence, euery one sitting in their place after the miraculous, wonderful, and sumpteous banket, without any delaie, she commanded a game to be playd by parsonages, not onelie woorthie the beholding, but of eternall remembrance, which was a game at Chesse, in this sort as followeth.

An apt and conuenient stone to so excellent disposition and royall board and straunge banquets, suche as before were neuer heard of.

Then first before the sacred Maiestie and royall person of the Queene, and afterwards to vs, fiue fayre Nymphes apparelled in blewe silke and golde curiously wouen togeather in workes, did all together appresent themselues.

Which her Highnes perceiuing, motherly and with a naturall promptnes in a maiestical grauitie, turned her countenance to two noble and goodly Nymphes, attending neere vnto her Royall and imperiall Throne, saying thus to one of them vpon her right side.

There Psyches would not sit in any royall seate, nor eate any delicate meates, but kneeled at the feete of Proserpina, onely contented with course bread, declared her message, and after she had received a mysticall secret in a boxe, she departed, and stopped the mouth of the dogge with the other sop, and paied the boatman the other halfe penny.

But the royall bird of great Jupiter, the Eagle remembring his old service which he had done, when as by the pricke of Cupid he brought up the boy Ganimedes, to the heavens, to be made butler of Jupiter, and minding to shew the like service in the person of the wife of Cupid, came from the high-house of the Skies, and said unto Psyches, O simple woman without all experience, doest thou thinke to get or dip up any drop of this dreadfull water?

Otis, Samuel Adams, Royall lyler, Oxenbridge Thacher, and a host of other Bnstonians, linked to the artisans and laborers through a network of neighborhood taverns, fire companies, and the Caucus, espoused a vision of politics diat gave credence to laboring-class views and regarded as entirely legitimate the participation of artisans and even laborers in die political process.

In the meane season, royall meats and dainty dishes shall be prepared for you.

When he was dressed, on entering the living room he 252 Thursday immediately telephoned Royall Edwards.

And now it is so vtterly decayd,That any bud thereof doth scarse remaine,But if few plants preseru'd through heauenly ayd,In Princes Court doe hap to sprout againe,Dew'd with her drops of bountie Soueraine,Which from that goodly glorious flowre proceed,Sprung of the auncient stocke of Princes straine,Now th'onely remnant of that royall breed,Whose noble kind at first was sure of heauenly seed.

The royall Virgin, which beheld from farre,In pensiue plight, and sad perplexitie,The whole atchieuement of this doubtfull warre,Came running fast to greet his victorie,With sober gladnesse, and myld modestie,And with sweet ioyous cheare him thus bespake.

Thy name รด: soueraine Queene, thy realme and race,From this renowmed Prince deriued arre,Who mightily vpheld that royall mace,Which now thou bear'st, to thee descended farreFrom mightie kings and conquerours in warre,Thy fathers and great Grandfathers of old,Whose noble deedes aboue the Northerne starreImmortall fame for euer hath enrold.

Then stepped forth the goodly royall Mayd,And on the ground her selfe prostrating low,With sober countenaunce thus to him sayd.

Incontinently she went unto the royall Pallace of God Jupiter, and with a proud and bold petition demanded the service of Mercury, in certaine of her affaires, whereunto Jupiter consented: then with much joy shee descended from Heaven with Mercury, and gave him an earnest charge to put in execution her words, saying : O my Brother, borne in Arcadia, thou knowest well, that I (who am thy sister) did never enterprise to doe any thing without thy presence, thou knowest also how long I have sought for a girle and cannot finde her, wherefore there resteth nothing else save that thou with thy trumpet doe pronounce the reward to such as take her: see thou put in execution my commandment, and declare that whatsoever he be that retaineth her wittingly, against my will shall not defend himselfe by any meane or excusation: which when she had spoken, she delivered unto him a libell, wherein was contained the name of Psyches, and the residue of his publication, which done, she departed away to her lodging.

Royall and himself, but had simply let it appear that he had left because means of conveyance were hard to find at North Dormer, and because Creston River was a more convenient centre.