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In tyme also of these Phylosophers sprange the florisshynge age of Poetes: whiche amonge lettred men had nat smal rowme and place.

In the lower they apparelled them selves, and in the higher rowme they played, beinge all open on the tope, that all behoulders might heare and see them.

The rowme was large and wide,As it some Gyeld or solemne Temple weare:Many great golden pillours did vpbeareThe massy roofe, and riches huge sustayne,And euery pillour decked was full deareWith crownes and Diademes, & titles vaine,Which mortall Princes wore, whiles they on earth did rayne.

Through euery rowme he sought, and euery bowr,But no where could he find that wofull thrall:At last he came vnto an yron doore,That fast was lockt, but key found not at allEmongst that bounch, to open it withall.