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Rov is a Talmudic concept which means the majority.

It is based on the passage in Exodus 23;2: "after the majority to wrest" (אחרי רבים להטות), which in Rabbinic interpretation means, that you shall accept things as the majority.

The most original practice of that term is by a Sanhedrin meeting, where the opinion of the majority is the final law.

The term applies also to accidental mixtures of Kosher and non-Kosher ingredients, when the non-kosher can be nullified be the majority of the kosher (some restrictions apply to this halacha).

Usage examples of "rov".

The swaying music of the Rov Hum filled the air, yet the dance floor was empty except for one couple.

The music of the Rov Hum was created to synchronize with each action, enticing and entrancing with each note.

This dance had originated hundreds of years ago on Tanviera, but once the planet joined the Interplanetary Coalition and started allowing visitors, the Rov Hum became popular throughout the universe.

It was only after they each evolved to the state of Rov Hum, strong, feral, and dangerous, that they could break their bonds and come together in a wild and sometimes violent joining.

Just as we accept so many of our dreams as portents of things to come, so we also accept the pull of the Rov Hum.

Our society demands it of all single women of Rov Hum age, regardless of their status.

As was the way of their kind, they each reached their Rov Hum, and soon met as only two connected souls could.

Why should he be allowed to be with his Rov Shoma in this way, without a chaperone, without supervision?

You are my Rov Shoma, or my truth mate, as they say on Earth and I am your Rov Shom, also meaning truth mate.

If he had any doubt about her being his Rov Shoma before, it had been wiped completely away by their lovemaking.

As a member of the ruling household, and the Rov Shoma to the Tok Rok, you have access to both at your disposal.

She would just have to talk some sense into her son, so he would see just what a precious gem his Rov Shoma was.

After leaving her last night, he had spent the rest of the night working out the remaining details for today, staunchly keeping his mind off of his Rov Shoma, then feel into an exhausted sleep.

I have big plans for your Rov Shoma that will take her out of my presence, and yours, forever.

And now that the TFE has become so strong, and I have the Tok Rok, the Toka Rok, and the Rov Shoma, my power has become immense.