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Roulet is a French surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Sister Elaine Roulet (born 1930), American Roman Catholic nun
  • Lloyd Emerson Roulet (1891–1985), American mayor of Toledo, Ohio
  • Lorinda de Roulet (born 1931), American philanthropist
  • Vincent de Roulet ( 1925–1975), American businessman and politician

Usage examples of "roulet".

What she was telling me was that there would be hell to pay if I broke my word and the Glendale investigation caused a disruption or mistrial in the Roulet case.

And he can tell you offhand, not only their worth in the normal perforated and canceled condition, but also how their values vary if they are uncanceled, unperforated, embossed, rouletted, surcharged with all manner of initials, printed by mistake with the king standing on his head, or water-marked anything from a horn of plenty to the seven lean kine of Egypt.

After that I was supposed to go up to Van Nuys to meet for the first time with Ted Minton, the prosecutor who had taken the Roulet case over from Maggie McPherson.

There were six photos and they included the booking photo of Louis Ross Roulet and five other men whose mug shots I had culled out of my archive boxes.

It became clear that the photos had all been taken between the morning I had caught the Roulet case and the day Raul Levin was murdered.

I found what I had half expected, that where the shunned house now stood, the Roulets had laid out their graveyard behind a one-story and attic cottage, and that no record of any transfer of.