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Rouch is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • James Rouch, British writer
  • Jean Rouch (1917–2004), French film director and anthropologist

Usage examples of "rouch".

She stopped at the edge as Rouch heaved herself out of the water and onto the tiled lip of the pool.

Cerberus, from Sharpeville, Rouch had exchanged only a few words with her.

Then, languorously, Rouch rose to her feet, made a deliberately slow show of unwrapping the towel from her hair and dropping it to the tiles.

She snatched up the towel Rouch had dropped and furiously began drying her hair.

The plan to spirit Rouch away had begun a full month before you went to Mongolia.

Maintaining a steady grip on him, Rouch walked down the corridor, keeping up a steady stream of chatter about inane topics.

When they reached the open doorway, Rouch stiffened and made a dry-heave gagging noise.

SEVENTEEN After Logan made the phone call to his deputy Berton Rouch, he drove Emmett to his home.

Logan drove a very relieved Emmett back to the combination grocery store and gas station, arriving a few minutes after Berton Rouch, a round, beetle-browed man, completely devoid of humor, pulled in.

Beth-Li Rouch was dead, even though she had not seen Domi drown her in the swimming pool.

Beth-Li Rouch had very nearly resulted in the deaths of Kane, Grant and Brigid.

First Adrian and Davis in the Black Gobi, murdered by the forces of the Tushe Gun, then Beth-Li Rouch,.