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n. A rotate radome.

Usage examples of "rotodome".

The missiles plowed into the aircraft with a direct hit, the first missile into the rotodome and the second missile into the forward fuselage section.

Flying one-hundred-mile racetrack patterns at twenty-nine thousand feet, the E-3Can Sentry, with its powerful AN/APY-2 Overland Downlook Radar mounted on a thirty-foot saucer rotodome atop the converted Boeing 707 aircraft, could detect and track any aircraft in flight for three hundred miles in all directions.

There was no sign of North Korean air activity at all, but the big modified Boeing 707 with the thirty-foot rotodome mounted on tall legs near the tail was a sitting duck, especially in daytime.

All four Pithon missiles plowed into the Hawkeye's twenty-foot rotodome, stripping it from the fuselage and sending the entire aircraft spinning into the sea.