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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Rosso is the major city of south-western Mauritania and capital of Trarza region. It is situated on the Senegal River at the head of year-round navigation. The town is 204 km south of the capital Nouakchott. The Arabic name is Al-Quwarib.

Rosso (bus company)

Rosso is the trading name of Rossendale Transport Ltd, a bus operator providing services in Greater Manchester, Lancashire and West Yorkshire. It is owned by Rossendale Borough Council.

Rosso (band)

Rosso was a Japanese band formed as a side project by Chiba Yusuke, and former Blankey Jet City bassist Toshiyuki Terui.

Rosso (disambiguation)

Rosso, Italian for red, can also mean several things

  • Rosso, a city of south-western Mauritania
  • Rosso (band), a Japanese musical group
  • Rosso Kumamoto, a Japanese football club
  • Rosso Corporation, a Japanese model car manufacturer
  • Rosso Fiorentino, an Italian painter
  • Rosso (bus company), a bus operator in north-west England
  • Rosso (surname)
Rosso (surname)

Rosso is a surname of Italian origin, which means red. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Antonio De Rosso (b. 1941), head of the Orthodox Church in Italy and the Metropolitan of Ravenna and Italy
  • Camilla Rosso (b. 1994), British actress, sister of Rebecca Rosso and Georgina Rosso
  • Frank Rosso (1921-1980), American baseball player
  • George Rosso (1930–1994), American professional football player
  • Giovanni Rosso (b. 1972), Croatian professional football player
  • Julee Rosso (contemporary), American cook and food writer
  • Medardo Rosso (1858–1928), Italian sculptor
  • Nini Rosso (1926–1994), Italian jazz trumpeter and composer
  • Patrick Rosso (b. 1969), French judoka
  • Renzo Rosso (b. 1955), Italian clothing designer; cofounder of the Diesel clothing company
  • Rebecca Rosso (b. 1994), British actress, twin sister of Camilla Rosso, and younger sister of Georgina Rosso
  • Stefano Rosso (1948–2008), Italian songwriter and guitarist

Usage examples of "rosso".

Maria Rosso was issuing the viscount a sultry invitation with her eyes.

Much as Kate was loath to admit it, especially while the woman in question was hanging all over the viscount, Maria Rosso did possess the voice of an angel.

Maria Rosso, one of the few women of his acquaintance who knew how to appreciate both a fine whiskey and the devilish intoxication that followed, and all he could smell was the damned scent of Kate Sheffield.

Then a steadier fall, gently swirling, touching down, lifting up, touching down again, until the little square, or campo, outside the steamy window of the Gambero Rosso is aglow with a dusting of the purest white.

Whereupon a certain magic ensues: the professor finds himself, seemingly without transition, out in the snowy campo, all alone, bundled up in his coat and muffler, the Gambero Rosso behind him locked and dark, and such an immaculate silence all about that he can actually hear the snow falling upon other snow.

He had stood for a moment in the radiant little square in front of the Gambero Rosso, one of those enchanting and forsaken places which lie in the interior of Venice as though within a secret fold, accessible only to intimates, his own interior aglow still from the generous infusions, thinking how right he had been to come back here!

He tried to find his way back to the Gambero Rosso, but the fold had closed.

Prince Rosso was a small, mouselike man who had been elected by his peers mostly because he never argued with their plans.

Self-consciously pulling at the collar of his breastplate, Prince Rosso rapped upon the council table and tried to make himself heard.

Sitting, stunned, on his huge horse, half lost inside his armor and polishing his spectacles in wonderment, Prince Rosso of Lomatra was almost overwhelmed by a wave of adoration.

With Lorenzo, Tekoriikii and Prince Rosso at her side, Miliana walked up the ruined steps of her old home.

Al collo cingeva una cravatta di seta nera ed un elegante fazzoletto di raso rosso sciolto circondava le sue magnifiche spalle annodato sul petto.

Drea at his usual table in the Federal City Wine Cellar, inhaled a dark red half inch of Mondo Rosso Cabernet from a Wal-Mart goblet, and began to denounce his patients.

Mondo Rosso and grinning like a satanic Happy Face when Gorshin came in and sat down.

I liked the bar, Ombre Rosso, that I passed on the way home to my apartment, the same group always gathered around the same table, drinking wine and smoking and laughing.