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n. (context obsolete English) dew


Rore is a lake in the municipalities of Grimstad and Arendal in Aust-Agder county, Norway. This lake, which is used as a reservoir, lies mostly in Grimstad. There is a public beach area at the southern end of the lake, near the Roresanden village. The lake is located about from the city center of Grimstad, near Landvik.

The lake Syndle flows into Rore from the east and Rore is connected to the river Nidelva at the northern end. The lake has an area of at an elevation of above sea level.

Usage examples of "rore".

Cypriano de Rore, whose name was mentioned above in connection with St.

Inflata rore non Achaico verba are rarer with him: although superficially mannered, nature is so much nearer to him, that far fewer of his pieces have lost vitality and interest through adherence to forms of feeling or fashions of thought now obsolete.

Alas I trembled and shooke like the fearefull hinde calues at the sight of the tawnie Lyons roring out for hunger.

Forward they passe, and strongly he them rowes,Vntill they nigh vnto that Gulfe arriue,Where streame more violent and greedy growes:Then he with all his puissance doth striueTo strike his oares, and mightily doth driueThe hollow vessell through the threatfull waue,Which gaping wide, to swallow them aliue,In th'huge abysse of his engulfing graue,Doth rore at them in vaine, and with great terror raue.