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The Collaborative International Dictionary
Rope's end

Rope \Rope\, n. [AS. r[=a]p; akin to D. reep, G. reif ring hoop, Icel. reip rope, Sw. rep, Dan. reb, reeb Goth. skaudaraip latchet.]

  1. A large, stout cord, usually one not less than an inch in circumference, made of strands twisted or braided together. It differs from cord, line, and string, only in its size. See Cordage.

  2. A row or string consisting of a number of things united, as by braiding, twining, etc.; as, a rope of onions.

  3. pl. The small intestines; as, the ropes of birds.

    Rope ladder, a ladder made of ropes.

    Rope mat., a mat made of cordage, or strands of old rope.

    Rope of sand, something of no cohession or fiber; a feeble union or tie; something not to be relied upon.

    Rope pump, a pump in which a rapidly running endless rope raises water by the momentum communicated to the water by its adhesion to the rope.

    Rope transmission (Mach.), a method of transmitting power, as between distant places, by means of endless ropes running over grooved pulleys.

    Rope's end, a piece of rope; especially, one used as a lash in inflicting punishment.

    To give one rope, to give one liberty or license; to let one go at will uncheked.

rope's end

n. A piece of rope, especially one used as a lash in inflicting punishment.

Usage examples of "rope's end".

He hung there, dangling at the rope's end, his mouth all bloody, his face ghastly in its glistening pallor, and of his eyes naught showing save the whites.

He caught the rope's end and, with Mordred's help, made it fast to his belt.

Nefer was dragged after him like a sledge, bouncing and rolling at the rope's end.

Xhia's peppercorn hair frizzled in the heat and he coughed, choked and retched in the smoke as he writhed and swung on the rope's end.

The goats were an appreciative audience for his growing repertoire of rope tricks, and they made excellent targets for the new, wicked noose he had installed at the rope's end.

The cafs momentum was too great, though, and Guenhwyvar, still clamping tightly to the rope, pitched over the far side, coming to a jerking stop at the rope's end, some twenty feet below the bridge.

In an hour's time I should either swing from a rope's end or Jenny and Bert would hand over the Trikkala.

There were yells of fury ending in the thwack of a rope's end on a bare back, and the moaning whimper of a frightened dog.

Galbraith, running forward, risked limb and life to pass a rope's end through an eye tackle.

Over by the hatchway, Hornblower saw, Hunter was driving the French seamen to their work with a rope's end, which he was using furiously.