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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Pluto \Plu"to\, [Also spelled rop. .]n. [L., fr. Gr. ?.]

  1. (Class. Myth.) The son of Saturn and Rhea, brother of Jupiter and Neptune; the dark and gloomy god of the Lower World.

  2. The ninth planet of the Solar System, the smallest (5700 km radius) and most distant from the sun. The suggestion has been made that it more closely resembles a large close comet than a planet. Its orbit has an eccentricity of 0.248, larger than that of any other planet; it varies from 4.44 to 7.37 billion km distance from the sun.

    Pluto is an oddball among its eight sister planets. It's the smallest in both size and mass, and has the most elliptical orbit. It moves in a plane tilted markedly away from the other planets' orbits. Moreover, Pluto is the only planet made almost entirely of ice.
    --Ron Cohen (Science News, Feb. 27, 1999, p. 139)

    {Pluto monkey (Zo["o]l.), a long-tailed African monkey ( Cercopithecus pluto), having side whiskers. The general color is black, more or less grizzled; the frontal band is white.


ROP or RoP may stand for:

  • Raster Operations Pipeline, or render output unit, one of the final steps in the rendering process of modern 3D accelerator boards
  • Raster Operator, in computer science, a raster graphics function used (per pixel) in a bit blit operation to combine two or more bitmaps
  • Rate of penetration, the rate at which a drill bit breaks the rock under it to deepen the borehole
  • Regional Occupational Program
  • Religion of Peace, a political neologism referring to Islam
  • Reorder point, a term used in supply chain management
  • Repeat Offenders Problem
  • Retinopathy of prematurity, a condition of the eyes causing blindness
  • Return-oriented programming, a technique using stack overflows to exploit programming weaknesses
  • Right occiput posterior
  • Ring-opening polymerization, a type of polymerization
  • Rings of Power, the magic artifacts from J. R. R. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings
  • Rings of Power (video game), a console role-playing game released on the Sega Mega Drive in 1991
  • Rip Off Press, Inc.
  • Rop (name), name of Kenyan origin
  • Rop protein, a helical protein found in E. coli
  • Rop rock shelter, an archeological site in Nigeria
  • Rota International Airport, a public airport located on Rota Island in the Northern Mariana Islands, near the village of Sinapalo, by IATA code
  • Royal Oman Police, the main law and order agency for the Sultanate of Oman
  • Movement for Reconstruction of Poland (Polish: ), a Polish political party
  • Run of Press/Publication, a type of advertisement found in newspapers or other publications
Rop (name)

Rop is a surname of Kenyan origin that may refer to:

  • Julius Kiptum Rop (born 1977), Kenyan marathon runner
  • Rodgers Rop (born 1976), Kenyan marathon runner and winner of the 2002 Boston and New York marathons

Usage examples of "rop".

The black walls, the silver statuettes, Rops drawings, scent of dead rose-leaves and pastilles and cigarettes--and those two by the piano--and her father so cool and dry!