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n. (plural of roo English)


Roos is a village and civil parish in the East Riding of Yorkshire, England. It is situated east from Kingston upon Hull city centre and north-west from Withernsea, and on the B1242 road.

Roos (disambiguation)

Roos may refer to:

Roos (surname)

Roos is a surname with multiple origins. In Dutch, Low German and Swiss German “Roos” means “Rose” and the surname is often of toponymic origin (e.g. someone lived in a house named “the rose”) In 2007, 8600 people were named Roos and another 2880 “de Roos” in the Netherlands. In the UK, Roos may be of patronymic origin (“Andrews”) or indicating red hair (Old English “Rouse”). The name is also relatively common in Sweden (5,902 people in 2010) and Finland (1219 in 2012)

People with the name "Roos" or "de Roos" include:

  • Amy Mothersbaugh Roos (b. 1962), American artist and gallerist
  • Cajetan Roos (1690-1770), Italian landscape painter, son of Philipp Peter
  • Camilla Overbye Roos (b. 1969), Danish film actress
  • Don Roos (born 1959), American screenwriter and film director
  • Enn Roos (1908-1990), Estonian Soviet sculptor
  • Eva Roos (1872-1956), British children's books illustrator
  • Fred Roos (born 1934), American film producer
  • Graham Roos (b. 1966), British producer, writer and performer
  • Jaime Roos (b. 1953), Uruguayan musician
  • Jan Roos (c.1591-1638), Flemish painter who worked in Italy as Giovanni Rosa
  • Joanna Roos (1901-1989), American actress and playwright
  • Johann Heinrich Roos (1631-1685), German painter, father of Philipp Peter and Johann Melchior
  • Johann Melchior Roos (1663-1731), German painter, son of Johann Heinrich
  • (1726-1805), Austrian painter, son of Cajetan

  • , pseudonym of William Roos (1911-1987) and Audrey Kelley (1912-1982), American crime fiction writers

  • Kjell Roos (b. 1965), Swedish guitarist and singer
  • Martin Roos (b. 1972), Swedish guitarist and manager of Kent
  • Mary Roos (b. 1949), German singer and actor
  • Noella Roos (b. 1969), Dutch painter
  • Philipp Peter Roos (1655-1706), German painter, son of Johann Heinrich
  • S.H. de Roos (1877-1962), Dutch type and book cover designer and artist
  • Stefan Roos (b. 1970), Swedish actor and screen writer
  • Theodor Roos (1638-1698), German painter, brother of Johann Heinrich
  • (b. 1964), Dutch jazz saxophonist and composer

  • William Roos (1808-1878), Welsh painter and engraver
  • Aat de Roos (1919-1992), Dutch field hockey player
  • Ann-Sofi Roos (b. 1959), Swedish Olympic swimmer
  • Axel Roos (b. 1964), German football player and coach
  • Bertil Roos (1943-2016), Formula One driver from Sweden
  • David Roos (b. 1982), South African paralympian athlete
  • Elisandro Naressi Roos (b. 1976), a.k.a. Santiago, Brazilian footballer
  • JC Roos (b. 1990), South African rugby player
  • Jake Roos (b. 1980), South African golfer
  • Michael Roos (b. 1982), Estonian-born American football player
  • Michael Roos (b. 1991), Swiss ice hockey player
  • Nancy Roos (1905–1957), American chess champion
  • Paul Roos (1880–1948), South African rugby player, first Springbok captain
  • Paul Roos (b. 1963), Australian rules football player and coach
  • Suzy Powell-Roos (b. 1976), American discus thrower
  • Axel Erik Roos (1684-1765), Swedish general
  • Carl Gustaf Roos (1655-1702), Swedish general
  • George Roos-Keppel (1866-1921), British military officer
  • Margareta Elisabeth Roos (1696–1772), Swedish-Estonian cross-dressing female in the Swedish army
  • John Roos (b. 1955), American diplomat, former Ambassador to Japan
  • (1878-1940), Alsace politician

  • Lawrence K. Roos (1918-2005), American (Missouri) banker and politician
  • Mike Roos (b. 1946), American (Californian) politician
  • Thea de Roos (born 1949), Dutch historian and politician
  • Tielman Roos (1879-1935), South African politician
  • Barney Roos (1888-1960), American automotive engineer
  • Folkert de Roos (1920-2000), Dutch economist
  • J P Roos (b. 1945), Finnish sociologist
  • Jan Roos (b. 1977), Dutch columnist
  • Johan Roos (born 1961), Swedish organizational theorist
  • (1922-1998), Danish documentary filmmaker

  • (1727-1803), German theologian

  • Martin Roos (b. 1942), Romanian Roman Catholic bishop
  • Robert de Roos (c.1170-1227), ancestor of the Barons Ros of Helmsley
  • Rosalie Roos (1823-1898), Swedish feminist activist and writer
  • Victor Roos (1888-1964), American founder of several aircraft companies, including Cessna

Usage examples of "roos".

The young nobleman in question, whose handsome features and prematurely-wasted frame bore the impress of cynicism and debauchery, was Lord Roos, then recently entrapped into marriage with the daughter of Sir Thomas Lake, Secretary of State: a marriage productive of the usual consequences of such imprudent arrangementsneglect on the one side, unhappiness on the other.

Lord Roos and his noble friends to turn the tables on the two extortioners.

Though generally governed by his wife, Sir Thomas succeeded, in this instance, in over-ruling her design of proceeding at once to extremities with the guilty pair, recommending that, in the first instance, Lord Roos should be strongly remonstrated with by Lady Lake and her daughter, when perhaps his fears might be aroused, if his sense of duty could not be awakened.

Lady Roos and her husband, at which, with many passionate entreaties, she had implored him to shake off the thraldom in which he had bound himself, and to return to her, when all should be forgiven and forgotten,but without effect.

Meanwhile, Lord Roos had taken advantage of the brief halt of the hunting party to approach the Countess of Exeter, and pointing out Gillian to her, inquired in a low tone, and in a few words, to which, however, his looks imparted significance, whether she would take the pretty damsel into her service as tire-woman or handmaiden.

And with another gracious smile, she rejoined the cavalcade, leaving Lord Roos behind.

Satisfied with what he had heard, Lord Roos moved away, nodding approval at Gillian.

He whom she looked upon was Lord Roos, and the chamber she had just entered was the one assigned to the young nobleman in the Palace of Theobalds.

Startled by her voice, Lord Roos instantly turned, and regarded her with haggard looks.

I was obliged to apprise you that your wife, the Baroness Roos, and Lady Lake are without, and will not be denied admission.

They arrived just in time to intercept Lord Roos, who was conveying his insensible burthen towards the secret staircase.

How to extricate himself from the dilemma in which he was placed, Lord Roos scarcely knew.

I shall consent to any terms you and Lady Roos may propose, rather than suffer you to go forth from this chamber and reveal what you have seen in it.

Lady Roos looked as if she would fain interrupt her mother, but she was too much under her subjection to offer a remark.

So saying, she advanced towards the couch, with the intention of removing the covering, when Lord Roos barred her approach.