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n. (obsolete spelling of room English)


Roome may refer to:

  • Roome Township, Polk County, Minnesota

Usage examples of "roome".

South End two-way attempted scam whose very bad luck had forced him into hiding in squalor and rooming with the likes of fucking Geoffrey D.

I loved rooming with Megan and loved working for Dot-tie, too, genial, eccentric soul that she was, and had it not been for the shadow of Newgate looming in my imagination I would have been wonderfully content with my new lot.

Let every man be jolly, Eache roome with yvie leaves is drest, And every post with holly.

Other bare combs of Ivory, and declared by their gesture and motions of their armes, that they were ordained and readie to dresse the goddesse : Others dropped in the wayes as they went Balme and other pretious ointments : Then came a great number, as well of men as women, with Candels, torches, and other lights, doing honour to the celestiall goddesse : After that sounded the musical harmony of instruments : then came a faire companie of youth, apparelled in white vestiments, singing both meter and verse, with a comely grade which some studious Poet had made in honour of the Muses : In the meane season, arrived the blowers of trumpets, which were dedicated unto Serapes, and to the temple before them were officers and beadles, preparing roome for the goddess to passe.

When they had changed his attire, hee imbraced them one after another, then placed they him in the highest roome of the table, and drunk unto him in token of good lucke.

His sonne Riuallo his dead roome did supply,In whose sad time bloud did from heauen raine:Next great Gurgustus, then faire CæcilyIn constant peace their kingdomes did containe,After whom Lago, and Kinmarke did raine,And Gorbogud, till farre in yeares he grew:Then his ambitious sonnes vnto them twaineArraught the rule, and from their father drew,Stout Ferrex and sterne Porrex him in prison threw.