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Roney is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Antoine Roney (born 1963), American jazz tenor and soprano saxophonist
  • Blake Roney, founder and chairman of Nu Skin Enterprises
  • Marimba Roney (born 1976), Swedish journalist and television host
  • Matt Roney (born 1980), Major League Baseball right-handed pitcher
  • Paul Hitch Roney (1921–2006), United States federal judge
  • Peter Roney (1887–1930), professional footballer
  • Roney "Giah" Giacometti (born 1974), Brazilian composer, singer, guitar player and music producer
  • Shanti Roney (born 1970), Swedish actor
  • Wallace Roney (born 1960), American hard bop and post-bop trumpeter
  • Roney, Canadian rapper from Toronto