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"Rompe" is a song recorded by Latin reggaeton artist Daddy Yankee. The song held the number 1 spot of Billboard's Hot Latin Tracks chart for over three months and reached a peak position of number 24 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart of the same publication, showcasing an evident trend among Latin songs having great cross-over appeal among the mainstream American market (since Shakira's " La Tortura" entered the Top 20 on the same chart).

Usage examples of "rompe".

During the day, as they romped through the streets or the fields, little brothers would be forced to play the heathen so that their older siblings might trounce them with sword-like sticks.

Laughed at, romped with, dragged back, thrown into the swimming-pool, expected to play and perform for them, he rebelled at last.

She dazzled the girls, she romped with the boys, she entered with the greatest glee into rural occupations, rode on the roughest pony, saw sunset and sunrise from Barnbougle, and threatened to learn to milk cows and cut corn.

And I once again enwrapped all that hot limber skill, endured her delighted chuckling, romped her onto her spring-steel spine, and tried in my endless, mindless, idiot frenzy to hammer her down through the damn silk sheets, down through the foam and springs, down through the carpeting and the tile and the beams and down into the deep black Mexican soil under the lovely and formal old house, where I could be buried without fanfare and sleep forever and ever and ever.

After a moment, Hank came charging around the barn and romped up to me where I stood at the kennel door.

And if he were not weary, he was in the thick of his work or resting momentarily from it or sitting soberly beside the scarred head of mother bruin or romping wildly with the cubs.

If Jack and Jerry depended upon the boy for fun and romping which she could not give them, she depended upon him for the very food which sustained her life, and, though her appetite was even more rapidly outgrowing his ability to supply her with provisions, a small oasis is better than a complete desert.

When her lessons were over, however, her ill-humour was generally over too: while riding her spirited pony, or romping with the dogs or her brothers and sister, but especially with her dear brother John, she was as happy as a lark.

Cloud-shadow and scudding sun-burst Were swift on the floor of the sea, And a mad wind was romping its worst, But what was their magic to me?

When she wrung herself from him, she shook her little hand with a rage that quivered through every nerve, and had more of hate than of romping folly or momentary pique in its passion.

Meanwhile the child is out and about somewhere, romping with more of the same.

How happy we are to go romping about the mountains, as infinitely various as creation, till we lose our pointed caps.

The boy, agog from the TV, comes romping in squawking with greed for another new thing that this time just has to be bought, to take him out of this good old world fast gadgets and the clothes to go with them, so he will walk in happiness for all of his days.

Imagine romping with a two-legged patchouli-oiled bear cub every moonlit evening on the carpets she would have woven for his own black tent!

Hank romping outside, happy to be free after the long ride, I carried the essential luggage, and groceries enough for breakfast, into my room.