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Romantic Modernism, more commonly known as Romo, was a musical and clubbing movement, of glam/style pop lineage, in the UK circa 1995–1997, centred on the twin homes of Camden-based clubnight Club Skinny and its West End clone Arcadia, as well as concerts by the chief associated bands.

The Romo movement was essentially a derivation of late-1970s disco and early-1980s club music, with an emphasis on the extroverted sartorial style and decadent air of New Romantic-era bands such as Japan and Soft Cell. Nonetheless, contemporary features in Melody Maker (where the genre was championed mainly by Simon Price and Taylor Parkes – it was dismissed by the rival NME) tended to downplay the nostalgic connection with New Romantic, emphasising Romo's newness and contemporary relevance.

Much championed by the aforesaid writers at the Melody Maker as a stylish and poppy backlash against the dressed-down style of the Britpop movement, while variously feted and lambasted by others in the media as a New Romantic revival (a tag rejected by those on the scene) Romo's prime legacy has been chiefly in club culture as it heralded a new generation of glam/style orientated club nights which would continue through the 2000s.

Romo (disambiguation)

Romo may refer to:

  • Romo, the 1990s musical and clubbing movement
  • Romo (surname), a list of people
  • Daniela Romo, stage name of Mexican singer, actress and TV hostess Teresa Presmanes Corona (born 1959)
  • Rømø, a Danish island
  • Romo Lampkin, a character from the 2003-2008 remake series Battlestar Galactica
  • Romo (Dune), a planet from Frank Herbert's fictional Dune universe
Romo (surname)

Romo is the surname of:

  • Alfonso Romo (born 1950), Mexican businessman
  • Bárbara Romo Fonseca (born 1977), Mexican politician
  • Bruno Romo (born 1989), Chilean footballer
  • David Romo (born 1978), French former footballer
  • Eneko Romo (born 1979), Spanish footballer
  • Enrique Romo (born 1947), Mexican former Major League Baseball pitcher, brother of Vicente Romo
  • Isaac Romo (born 1983), Mexican footballer
  • Jorge Romo (1924-2014), Mexican footballer
  • Jorge Romo (Chilean footballer) (born 1990)
  • Jorge Villalpando Romo (born 1985), Mexican footballer
  • José Ramón Romo (born 1963), Spanish retired footballer
  • Lawrence Romo, American civil servant and former US Air Force lieutenant colonel
  • Miguel Romo Medina (born 1949), Mexican politician
  • Olle Romo, Swedish music producer, songwriter and drummer
  • Osvaldo Romo (c. 1938-2007), Chilean intelligence agent and torturer
  • Pedro Romo (actor) (born 1957), Mexican actor and comedian
  • Pedro Romo (footballer) (born 1989), Ecuadorian footballer
  • Rafael Romo (born 1990), Venezuelan footballer
  • Ricardo Romo (born 1943), American President of the University of Texas at San Antonio and urban historian
  • Sergio Romo (born 1983), American Major League Baseball pitcher
  • Sonia Romo Verdesoto, Ecuadorian poet
  • Tony Romo (born 1980), American National Football League quarterback
  • Verónica Escobar Romo (born 1955), Mexican lawyer and politician, former mayor of Acapulco
  • Vicente Romo (born 1943), Mexican former Major League Baseball pitcher
  • Ximena Romo (born 1990), Mexican actress