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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ Jagged boulders from rockfalls triggered by ice and rushing water made progress difficult.
▪ The rockfall lasted at least a minute.
▪ The scale of this rockfall certainly suggests that there will continue to be collapses on this popular buttress.

n. A quantity of rocks that has fallen from a cliff etc.


A rockfall or rock-fall refers to quantities of rock falling freely from a cliff face. The term is also used for collapse of rock from roof or walls of mine or quarry workings. A rockfall is a fragment of rock (a block) detached by sliding, toppling, or falling, that falls along a vertical or sub-vertical cliff, proceeds down slope by bouncing and flying along ballistic trajectories or by rolling on talus or debris slopes,” (Varnes, 1978). Alternatively, a "rockfall is the natural downward motion of a detached block or series of blocks with a small volume involving free falling, bouncing, rolling, and sliding". The mode of failure differs from that of a rockslide.

Usage examples of "rockfall".

Nearer the top there were rockfalls and a considerable amount of flowing water, and the way became trickier to negotiate.

The Jhag was thrown backward, leaving his feet, his sword cartwheeling away to clatter on the slope of the rockfall.

They slipped into the dark, overcast night without disturbing him and worked their way silently among the rockfalls to the isolated guesthouse.

A narrow river flowing noisily along the bottom of the valley had been blocked by a rockfall, forming a dam around which a stand of boras grew.

The light from the Mustang's headlights helped relieve the gloom, although its exhaust was a blue plume in the culdesac of the rockfall.

They had run over a hundred kilometers, over the heavy corrugations of Minus One's central moors, a devilish network of ravines, grabens, pingo holes, alases, escarpments and rockfalls nothing too deep, apparently, so that many different routes were possible, making it as much an orienteering event as a run.

Every now and then the stillness was broken—a rockfall, turned loose by expansion in the warming day, and skittering down the scree slope above the red tile roofs of Marbre village.

A moment later, a shower of rock burst toward them, revealing a connection to another chamber that had been concealed by the rockfall.

Protected from rockfall, roomy and comfortable to lie on, Camp One is perfect for a big lower camp, and it has been used before.

The narrowest crawl space might lead to salvation, while spacious walkaways always seemed to end in rockfalls.