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Rochette may refer to:

  • Desiré-Raoul Rochette (1790-1854), a French archaeologist.
  • Edward C. Rochette (born 1927), American numismatist
  • Jean-Marc Rochette (b. 1956), a French painter, illustrator and comics creator.
  • Joannie Rochette (b. 1986), a Canadian figure skater.
  • Nicolas Gargot de La Rochette, Governor of Plaisance (Placentia)
Other uses
  • La Rochette (disambiguation), the name of several communes in France
  • Prix La Rochette, a Group 3 flat horse race in France
  • Rochette bridge, a type of dental prosthesis popular in the 1970s invented by Alain Rochette of France.

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