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Rocha (surname)

Rocha is a Portuguese language surname. Its origin can be French, but it can be also a Jewish-Portuguese Sephardic surname.Sephardic Genealogy: Discovering your Sephardic Ancestors and their World - Jeffrey S. Malka. - Best Judaica Reference Book (2002) by Association of Jewish Libraries; - Most complete reference of Sephardic ames online; - List of 41,000 Sephardic Surnames extracted from books by Harry Stein Archived version It literally means “ rock” or “ boulder” in Portuguese; for instance, “rochas sedimentares, metamórficas e magmáticas” means “sedimentary, metamorphic and igneous rocks”. It is also a topographical surname that is found in Portugal as “da Rocha” or simply Rocha, literally, "one who is from/of the rock".


Rocha may refer to:

  • Rocha (surname), a Portuguese surname
  • Rocha Department, a department in the east of Uruguay
  • Rocha, Uruguay, capital city of the Rocha Department
  • a community in Moca, Puerto Rico