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Roch (disambiguation)

Saint Roch was a Christian saint who lived c.1295–1327.

Roch or St. Roch may also refer to:

  • St. Roch (ship), Royal Canadian Mounted Police schooner, the first ship to completely circumnavigate North America
  • St. Roch, New Orleans, neighborhood
  • River Roch, Greater Manchester, England
  • Roch Castle, near Haverfordwest, Wales
  • Nolton and Roch, a community in Pembrokeshire, Wales
  • Roch III coat of arms, in Polish heraldry
  • St Roch's F.C., a football club in Glasgow, Scotland
  • Roch, Iran, a village in Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad Province, Iran

Usage examples of "roch".

Richer says his name was Roch Richard and that he was licentiate in theology.

Roch had not denied them that yet and when the break came Rees met Cipse beneath the glow of a globe lamp.

The Rue Veuve Saint Roch was thronged with a mass of affrighted passers-by, who came from the Boulevards flying rather than walking.

Roches kept mum or even spoke in French before our faces - indeed, so stupid was Mervyn that he had been known to do so before Mounseer Daskin, the cook, who could speak better French than any Roche had spoken since 1066 and we took heart.

Brocas and the scarlet fish of the De Roches were waving over a strong body of archers from Holt, Woolmer, and Harewood forests.

Les Roches, an old-fashioned little place I inherited from my father, at which I pass a great deal of the year.

I reached Les Roches at about six in the evening and was charmed at the very first glance.

Another notable no less famous than these two worthies was Roch Braziliano, the truculent Dutchman who came up from the coast of Brazil to the Spanish Main with a name ready-made for him.

Roch, credited with special healing powers, who had died in 1327, was the particular saint associated with the plague.

The stumps of snapped rivets at the supply machine's vacant mount reminded Rees of the sacrifice Roch had made at this place.