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Ro or '''ROr' may refer to:

Ro (artificial language)

Ro is an a priori constructed language created by Rev. Edward Powell Foster beginning in 1904.

Ro (title)

Ro is a title used by Fijian chiefs in the Province of Rewa, as well as parts of Naitasiri, Namosi, and Serua. Both males and females are so styled; in other areas of Fiji, male chiefs are titled Ratu and female chiefs, Adi.

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Ro (kana)

, in hiragana, or in katakana, ( romanised as ro) is one of the Japanese kana, each of which represents one mora. The hiragana is written in one stroke, katakana in three. Both represent and both originate from the Chinese character 呂. The Ainu language uses a small ㇿ to represent a final r sound after an o sound (オㇿ or).





Normal r-
(ら行 ra-gyō)


, roh



Ro (video game)

Ro is a puzzle game first developed for the Qualcomm Brew development platform in 2006 and for the iPhone platform in 2008.

Usage examples of "ro".

Daveog, Count Ros Commain, demands immediate return of his baronies of Clonlogan, Shrule, Ardagh, West Kilkenny, Rathcline, and Moydow.

Postmaster, justice of the peace and mayor, Joel Romer was a bald-headed, constantly perspiring, but constantly laughing fellow with a moonlike face.

Joel Romer standing in the broad porch of his general store, which was also the village post office.

The Syrian knew without seeing the letter that Joel Romer had received a threat from the Moon Riders.

Joel Romer was almost apoplectic with rage as he held up and read the few typewritten lines of a letter he had received.

He recalled that Deputy Roden had slipped away while Joel Romer was reading his Moon Rider letter, and was declaring he would summon the government men.

Joel Romer, Marshal Simpson, a pottering, stoop-shouldered clerk and bookkeeper, and Audrey Romer were there.

Audrey was the daughter of Joel Romer, and she probably had her good looks from her mother.

Joel Romer was badly frightened or burning with anger over the threatening letter.

But he was fully aware of Audrey Romer bringing a dampened towel and wiping the blood from his face.

He was named Jonas Loney and Allison knew he boarded at the Joel Romer home.

Joel Romer came on into the store, Allison apparently recovered consciousness.

He knew when Romer came in behind him, and at that minute he was connected with a city down below.

Joel Romer slapped him through the door and sent him spinning into the dusty street.

His swinging knuckles caught Joel Romer with hard swung rights and lefts that more than evened the score.