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''' Reach North Asia Loop (RNAL) ''' is a multi- terabit intra-Asia self-healing submarine telecommunications cable system, connecting the principal cities in Asia.

The 10,000 km cable network provides intra-regional, city-to-city connectivity between Hong Kong, Seoul, Tokyo, and Taipei. The cable network was developed jointly by Reach and FLAG Telecom. Reach has constructed the eastern leg of the multi-terabit cable that connects Japan, Taiwan, and Hong Kong, while FLAG built the western leg connecting Japan, Hong Kong, and Korea.

FLAG manages and operates the system on its own behalf and that of Reach under a developmental agreement. FLAG and Reach each own three of the system’s six fiber pairs. Reach markets its share of the system as Reach North Asia Loop (RNAL).

RNAL has the largest share of cable capacity in Asia with 29% (second largest is C2C with 25%).

It has landing points in:

  • Tong Fuk, Lantau Island, Hong Kong
  • Pusan, South Korea
  • Wada, Awa District, Chiba Prefecture, Japan
  • Toucheng, Yilan County, Taiwan