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RMP may refer to:

  • Radio Motor Patrol Police vehicles equipped with radios
  • Rampart Airport, Alaska, USA - IATA code RMP
  • Revolutionary Marxist Party, (RMP) Political Party in India (Kerala)
  • Random match possibility, measure used in population genetics
  •, American website
  • Reprogrammable microprocessor; cf. FIM-92 Stinger
  • Resonant magnetic perturbations in plasma physics
  • Resting membrane potential in biology
  • Reviews of Modern Physics, a journal published by the American Physical Society
  • Rhind Mathematical Papyrus, ancient Egyptian manuscript
  • Rifampicin, antibiotic
  • Royal Malaysian Police, Malaysian police force
  • Royal Military Police, British army police
  • Royal Melbourne Philharmonic, Australian choir and orchestra
  • Russian Maoist Party, Russian political party founded in 2000
  • Risk Management Plan, (RMP) Rule (US EPA Regulations)