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RMI may refer to:

In science and technology:

  • Radio-magnetic indicator, an instrument used in aircraft navigation
  • Register Mapped Interface, a register-oriented protocol used by Synaptics
  • Remote Method Invocation, an application-programming interface used in Java environments
  • Repetitive motion injury, usually RSI
  • RIFF MIDI file, used in Microsoft Windows
  • Risk of malignancy index for ovarian cancer

Businesses and organizations:

  • RMI Corporation, a semiconductor company manufacturing CPUs
  • Railcar Management LLC, a rail information services software company and subsidiary of GE Transportation
  • Remote Medical International, provides medical support in remote areas
  • Rocky Mountain Institute, a non-profit energy-conservation organization in the United States of America
  • Rocky Mount Instruments, manufacturer of the RMI 368 Electra-Piano and Harpsichord
  • Royal Manchester Institution (1823–1882), a learned society promoting the arts in Manchester, England
  • WRMI (branded Radio Miami International) an American shortwave radio station, often referred to on air as RMI
  • Reaction Motors, Inc., an early American maker of liquid-fueled rocket engines.


  • Federico Fellini International Airport, serving Rimini in Italy (IATA code)
  • Republic of the Marshall Islands, a nation-state in Micronesia

Other uses:

  • Radio Massacre International, a British electronic-music group
  • Ramapo Mountain Indians, a Native American group
  • Rank mobility index, a measure of change in population-rank
  • Revenu minimum d'insertion, a form of welfare introduced in France in 1988