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"Rolemodel" (also known as RLMDL) is an indie pop/electro/shoegaze project music act founded by Toronto musician-producer Jordan Allen.

The project's initial influence came about through Allen's fascination with the ambient static noise of between-station radio frequencies, and developed into sonic experiments with pop song structures and instrumentation.

The debut EP, Just My Luck, was released digitally in autumn 2011, followed by a limited edition cassette in January 2012. A subsequent collection of remixes from the EP by artists such as Western WALK, Math Rosen, Vyxor and Alligator Indian was released in March 2012.

In September 2012, the live performance incarnation of RLMDL expanded to include other musicians, and has since developed into a four piece band. The group has opened for several notable acts, such as Diamond Rings, Young Magic, and Soft Metals, as well as performing as part of Toronto's Wavelength Music Series.

Rolemodel released its debut full-length LP, Before Then Was Now, in June 2013.

In 2014, Rolemodel signed with Toronto label Hand Drawn Dracula, and released a six song EP, "Claire", in May 2015.