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river banks

n. (plural of river bank English)

Usage examples of "river banks".

Ports had been cut into the steep sides of the river banks to enable a wagon to enter the watercourse, and the sandbank between two tranquil green pools had been corduroyed with carefully selected branches, cut to length and laid side by side across the softer going to prevent the narrow ironshod wheels from sinking.

The local doc - the guy who'd helped save Andy after he almost died under the ice all those years earlier - was on holiday at the time and there was a locum, a deputising doctor in charge of the practice, except from what the locals muttered later it seemed he'd treated his stay in Strathspeld as a holiday, too, and spent more time on river banks with a rod in his hands than at bedsides toting a stethoscope.

The hills formed a backdrop to the forests that now ran in a narrow belt along the river banks.

Every man on the river banks, south of Cairo, talks about it every day, during such moments as he is able to spare from talking about the war.

Numerous herds of deer were feeding on the abundant grass and young willows that grew along the river banks.

In this way they will soon fill a canoe, or form a great heap upon the river banks.

The bowlders on the river banks were superseded by massive bed-rock granite.