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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Rist \Rist\, obs. 3d pers. sing. pres. of Rise, contracted from riseth.


Rist is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Gilbert Rist, a professor in Geneva
  • Jeremy Alexander Rist, American economist, playwright and lawyer
  • Johann von Rist, German poet
  • Leonard Rist, the first chief economist of the World Bank
  • Pipilotti Rist, video artist
  • Robbie Rist, American actor
  • Pierre Rist, president from 1946–1950
  • Chris Rist, English Banker
  • Curt Rist, Kitchen Exhaust Hood Expert
  • Ben Rist, Information Technology, Schedomation Engineer

Usage examples of "rist".

I wish I cood put it on Kapera8s Rist Putur, so you get it in order with Kapera8s Letturs and my othur Lettur I rote.

Click here for more about the system of bit-pattern designators used by RIST 11A4 to replace the obsolescent nomenclature systems of "natural languages.

RIST 11A4 assigns bit-pattern designators with a pseudo-random number generator.

One of these semantic memes asserted that bit-pattern designators should be assigned in numerical order, so that (for example) Hive Mind One would be designated RIST 0001 and so on.

RIST 9E03 is the RIST that RIST 11A4 denotes by the arbitrarily chosen bit-pattern that, construed as an integer, is 9E03 (in hexadecimal notation).

  I grabd its ankils & it wrapt its talins roun ma rists makin me shout with thi bone-crunchin pane while it poold me off thi platform, crakin my nees off thi rale.

Most out-of-body experiences were the results of traumas and useless in a commercial sense--and theo rists still argued over whether the out-of-body phenom enon was a kinetic manifestation or a strong telepathic projection.