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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
a risky investment (=in which you are likely to lose money)
▪ Risky investments usually have higher yields.
▪ My final solution to the problem was a bit risky, but not as risky as the alternatives - or so I thought!
▪ Of course, moving on to the internet is perceived as risky.
▪ To plan a whole town at once was a highly risky investment.
▪ Projecting numbers like gross domestic product and per-capita income back into the past is a highly risky undertaking.
▪ What is more, financial intermediaries may have the expertise to be able to assess just how risky a loan is.
How much should investors know about how risky their bond funds are or will be?
▪ This example illustrates wonderfully how important long-term studies are - and how risky science can be!
▪ The village, he says, will produce an organic method for developing less risky business models and strategies.
▪ When stock prices are volatile, investors often flee the market in favor of less risky money-market mutual funds.
▪ These are less risky than individual shares and are easier and cheaper to cash in.
▪ But next year a little rain would help make this craziest of sports a just little less risky.
▪ This is so because the lower-cost project may be perceived as being less risky than the higher-cost project.
▪ But giving £10,000 credit for one month can be less risky than giving £5000 of credit for six months.
▪ It always seems more practical and less risky to pretend to know more than you do and to insist on your omniscience.
▪ One possibility is that certain junctions are both intrinsically more memorable and more risky than others.
▪ As a system gets larger the logic becomes more obscure, modification more risky and debugging increasingly problematic.
▪ Sniffing alone or in dangerous places, such as railway embankments and by canals, can be more risky.
▪ Shooting a film is more risky than publishing a paperback.
▪ Open-bridging lending is more risky to lenders than closed bridging.
▪ The other, much more risky, is to abolish this anti-reform parliament altogether, and call for new elections.
▪ But he supposed yielding mouths belonged to fast women who might be more risky.
▪ The reality is a good deal messier and more risky for those managing the change.
▪ For each junction type the value of B is lowest for the most risky exemplars.
▪ Strangely enough, in the midst of change, the present course may often he the most risky one.
▪ The most risky sports were rugby, martial arts, soccer, cricket, and hockey.
▪ Finally, and most risky, there was the possibility of ransoms.
▪ They believe it's too risky.
▪ These cases are too costly and too risky for most lawyers and most litigants.
▪ The post was much too risky, so sometimes I was asked to carry funds to Parma on my bicycle.
▪ It is untested, too risky and too vulnerable to disastrous financial consequences.
▪ It is billed as the last resort for people who the banks believe are too risky to back.
▪ Now, those calling the shots for the company began to realize that the whole damn case was getting too risky.
▪ Thrifts were banned by law from investing in equities which were deemed to be too risky.
▪ A design team rejected the aerospike concept as too risky.
▪ However, most of the women in our sample would most likely find that a very risky prospect to attempt at present.
▪ Risky, thought Paul D, very risky.
▪ Purchasing decisions are often very risky, and can involve an organization in carrying considerable costs.
▪ Budget maximization is a very risky strategy to adopt if there are going to be budget cuts.
▪ Making comparisons between brains is a very risky business because there are confounding variables to confuse the issue.
▪ First, large projects can be very risky for an individual company.
▪ The drawing suggests a first investment that is very risky for the speculator.
▪ However, the angle at which it is applied makes it very risky from the point of view of defending yourself.
▪ The village, he says, will produce an organic method for developing less risky business models and strategies.
▪ Making bread in northern California, especially in Sonoma County, is risky business.
▪ The most obvious one would be the will, but murder by advantaged legatees is a risky business.
▪ Still, buying shares on the way down is a risky business.
▪ And sometimes that's a risky business.
▪ After today's memorial service for Earnhardt here, drivers will focus on the risky business that defines their profession.
▪ But, considering the amount of money you may lay out, buying Koi can also be a risky business.
▪ Jewellers always did, it was a risky business.
▪ To plan a whole town at once was a highly risky investment.
▪ Frequent cancellations, no matter what the excuse, make a diva seem a dangerously risky investment.
▪ Risky investments do usually have higher yields, and do therefore pay more direct tax than less risky investments.
▪ Publication of the Myners report may lead to concern that pension funds will begin to take on overly risky investments.
▪ Then an on-road study found that drivers did indeed recall more central details than would be expected from risky situations.
▪ The first is an overall tendency for subjects to recall risky situations.
▪ The second is a tendency for subjects to recall central details of risky situations at the expense of peripheral details.
Risky investments can offer high yields, but also the possibility of greater losses.
▪ Being self-employed is much more risky than being a wage earner.
▪ He'll have to land the aircraft in a field. It's risky, but there's no alternative.
▪ It's always risky leaving your car out on the street overnight.
▪ Personal insurance is expensive if you plan to take part in a risky sport such as parachuting.
▪ the risky business of putting a space vehicle into orbit
▪ The experiments would be too risky to perform on humans.
▪ The State Department advised its employees that fighting near the borders made it too risky to leave the country.
▪ Travel in the region is still considered risky.
▪ Any project involving rockets is always risky, but the technology is maturing all the time.
▪ Goldman typically has shied away from risky startups, preferring to stick with more stalwart institutions such as Chevron Corp.
▪ However, most of the women in our sample would most likely find that a very risky prospect to attempt at present.
▪ Projecting numbers like gross domestic product and per-capita income back into the past is a highly risky undertaking.
▪ There is substantially more information both general and related to risks at the risky junctions than at the less risky ones.
▪ Though doing so shortly after the Gulf war and in a recession might have seemed risky, Airtours had its reasons.
▪ Try the risky, potentially spectacular shot, or cut his losses and play safe?
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Risky \Risk"y\, a. Attended with risk or danger; hazardous. ``A risky matter.''
--W. Collins.

Generalization are always risky.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1825, from risk (n.) + -y (2). Riskful in same sense is from 1793. Related: Riskiness.


a. Dangerous, involving risks.

  1. adj. involving risk or danger; "skydiving is a hazardous sport"; "extremely risky going out in the tide and fog"; "a venturesome journey in wintertime"; "a venturous enterprise" [syn: hazardous, venturesome, venturous]

  2. not financially safe or secure; "a bad investment"; "high risk investments"; "anything that promises to pay too much can't help being risky"; "speculative business enterprises" [syn: bad, insecure, high-risk, speculative]

  3. [also: riskiest, riskier]

Risky (album)

Risky is the fourth studio album by Japanese rock band B'z. "Risky" sold 314,770 copies in its first week and 1,695,900 copies in total. It is the band's first studio album to break the million mark.

Risky was also the first of two collaborations with engineer Jason Corsaro, who has also worked with artists such as Duran Duran, The Power Station and Madonna.

The album spawned two singles, " Easy Come, Easy Go!" and " Itoshii Hitoyo Good Night…."

The album also produced the band's first (and, to date, only) official music video collection, Film Risky.

Usage examples of "risky".

Whatever else Miss Bede is, she is no fool and only a fool would choose a risky venture over a comfortable future.

Disneyesque in their cuteness and whiskers Gus-Gus would have been proud of poked her nose out of the kitchen and contemplated crossing the risky expanse of carpet in the living area.

That was when he discovered just how risky venture capitalists considered cytokines to be.

I shuddered to think of the monster who was with me, but feeling that the situation was a risky one, And that I should have to make use of him, I compassionated him, praised his patriotism, and predicted that he would be set at liberty in a few days.

Offering a fake-O deal to a potential informant and then doing the jiggy with him qualified as risky in the extreme.

NSA-Navy operation, Carter knew he was going to have a great deal of explaining to do, particularly about why such a risky mission was launched in the first place.

Janny Maggs and Thick Mungo and Stadtsfesser Zeb, Pogo Nadgers and Zip Risky and the Traktiongrad Kid.

The job would take approximately two and a half days, not to mention immense amounts of power, and would most likely be risky given the interspatial energy discharges that were popping up with such frequency throughout the expanse between the Oghen system and the rift.

Going to the Spiral Peach Palace with an empty pedicab was risky, though.

Risky returned with a pitcher of water, which she poured into clay mugs, setting one before Wolfer, one before Savarin, and one before Michael.

No more risky than an ordinary scramjet flight, these days, and she could probably swing it.

Johnny, who had been her friend and protector when she had been the Nose, had told her he could cover for her, just up the vig on a couple of other clients, but it was risky and he had to have some payment, some sign of good faith.

The rest of the Tosevite empires were barbarous, yes, but their leaders had the sense to recognize that war was a risky business in which things could go wrong, and that both sides were liable to lose prisoners when things did go wrong.

This newfangled accounting seemed highly risky, and Mack thought investors needed to know about it.

Of all the risky journeys, that on an ambushed river is the most risky, in my judgment, and that risk has Jasper run.